Friday, February 29, 2008

Outside Looking In

My Little Girls 1982

The grass looks pretty green over there!

Walking past Temple Square years ago, we spotted a bride. Like a princess with an entourage, she floated down the steps, paparazzi in tow, enchanting her prince and subjects with beauty and grace. My little girls were mesmerized. "Happily ever after" was happening before their very eyes.

By and by my little girls grew up. They went to the ball and found true love. Each of them has a castle of her own now, but I'm sure they all feel a little like Cinderella before her fairy godmother showed up. The young brides have become housewives and moms, with piles of laundry and stacks of dishes. Peeking though the gate at a dream come true didn't tell the whole story. Life looks different from the inside.

I've peered over a few fences in my time. Usually everything looks neat and tidy. It's easy to envy the neighbors when I just see green grass. I've learned, however, that there are weeds in every one's garden, some crabgrass, and a lot of rocks. The hard work of planting, watering and waiting for growth isn't so noticeable from the outside looking in.

There are different types of people on the other side of the fence. Ms. Doom whines to everyone about the dire condition of her soil, (as if hers is unique, somehow.) Mr. Gloom gets sympathy and pity by pointing out the pile of fertilizer that was dumped in his driveway. Mrs. Sunshine across the street often doesn't get credit for all the fertilizer she's shoveled, because she is busy smelling the flowers.

When I'm outside looking in at what seems to be a fairy tale, I try to remember that it probably is. Things aren't usually as good, or as bad, as they seem. I don't have a lawn anymore, and I never had much of a garden, but I know that grass is always greener from the other side of the fence. I just need to stand over there once in a while to get a better view of mine.


Ashlee said...

amen! THanks so much for that! I needed it. I've got pretty green grass here too, I need to remember that. :0)

Christie said...

That picture is so great - what a moment to capture your girls looking at the bride through the gates. I love it.

So true. Life isn't always better on the other side. We have to learn to be happy where we are.

Lillie Ammann said...

I love your closing: "I just need to stand over there once in a while to get a better view of mine." What a great reminder for all of us!

SaraLynn said...

Just what I needed today.
Thank you!

SaraLynn said...

I have had a couple of people ask why I have 3 blogs, and there is only one answer. Extreme excitement...extreme because I couldn't decide what to shape it around, marriage/mommy stuff, baking/cooking/recipes, and of course I had to showcase my jewels! So at the time the only logical answer was 3 blogs. Maybe some day I will figure out a way to combine them all!

Jessica said...

My wonderfully kind and wise step-mom told me last year: "I decided a while ago, that if I wanted something someone had, then I had to take their whole life." We can't have their expensive car, if we aren't also willing to take their child's disability. We can't want their amazing creativity, if we don't want their less-active husband.

I loved it. And try to remember it whenever I'm having grass is greener issues.

Suzz said...

Delightful post, Marty. Certainly makes us stop and think -- or should I say "appreciate."