Friday, February 8, 2008

The Grandmas Are Coming

I've been out stalking the Grandma Blogs.

Making memories more memorable is one of my major roles as Oma. Luckily, the Baby Boomers are arriving on the grandmother scene faster than whiskers on my chin. Click on the links here for some creative new ideas to entertain and teach any variety of kid: regular, grand or great!

Nina has a post on creating custom Bingo cards. I'm already planning a new Oma Kit with Bingo, wordsearches (using family lore,) and crossword puzzles (the questions will be about the kid's interests, and the answers will be their names.)

Sally, who is also called Oma, mentioned that lots of people don't know vital facts about their grandparents, such as their grandmother's maiden name. This has inspired me to make up a little song set to a familiar tune, with a few basics about Opa and Oma. (Remember how Grandma Kizzie taught her genealogy to Alex Haley? She repeated the stories over and over, and made him recite his family line. That's how he had the info to search for his Roots.)

Here are some suggestions on how to help kids understand basic math concepts, and Children's Book Bag has some fun book reviews.

Nana expresses her feelings about being a grandmother in words and photos, and Nourishing Relationships has insights about, well, nourishing relationships.

With all these great suggestions, I'm ready to roll down my stockings, put on my apron and visit a few grandkids!

Have you got some new sites you'd recommend?


gab said...

great! when are you coming?

Stie: My Favorite Things said...

Here, here! We've got the guest bed all made up for you. How soon can we expect you?

Sally said...

Hi Marty. Terrific ideas for bonding with your grandkids -- and your kids as well. Have fun on your visits! Sally

Ashlee said...

I just recommended your blog to a friend last night! :0)

i'm kelly said...

i love the bingo cards! mom are you paying attention?

Nana said...

Marty, on my blog at grandmothers can find information, activities/crafts, and events to enjoy with their grandchildren. Another site everyone might enjoy is