Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Hawley and Adelila Bagley

A letter to Adelila from Hawley, sent in 1919.

I just read a love letter from my grandpa, Hawley, to my grandma, Adelila, written a year before they were engaged.

Valentine's Day, 1918.

My Loving Sweetheart and Little Pet:

I get so used to receiving notes from you everyday, that I was lost when one failed to arrive this morning. Lover, I can't help missing them, but pet, it's now only a little over a week until we will be together again.

Darling, I don't know how I'll act to see you once more. I never supposed a man could miss anyone on earth like I have missed you. Do you get tired of me writing nothing but this same old stuff every time? Lover, I'm afraid you might sometimes, but there is nothing here to write about.

With a whole heart full of love, kisses, and a big squeeze,
I am always your only,

Adelila was 20 years old and teaching school in Lava Hot Springs. She said, "I taught the first through the fourth grades for $60 a month. My sweetheart, Hawley, started law school at the U of U in Salt Lake City, in 1917." He was just 17.

Hawley wrote beautiful love letters during that time, which Adelila saved throughout her life. On the envelopes she wrote the date and a comment whenever she re-read them. After 52 years of marriage Hawley died, February 1, 1973. The envelope for this letter had the inscription:

"Brought me comfort February 13, 1973"

This is what they looked like when I knew them.

Isn't it fun to know that old valentines were once young, and young valentines will someday be old? I love it!

(Little Pet?? Dee and I call each other Dear. What are your sweetheart names?)


molly said...

I aboslutely love old love letters. This one is wonderful. Can you imagine their history together? I love their portrait.

gab said...

Soooooo romantic! You know our nicknames...Babe and Hunna.

Christie said...

The only one your son will tolerate is "baby," and that is sometimes sketchy. My grandma used to say to the kid cousins who would sleep over, "Goodnight, lovers." We would giggle and laugh. I think she meant something else though.

Ashlee said...

What I love is that he kept calling her "lover". I could never picture my grandparents calling each other that. :0)

Babe is the nickname of choice around here, though since having our daughter I've change my hubby's to SUCKER! She's got him wrapped around her finger....

Bev said...

I can't help but notice that you look a bit like her!

sweet post, thanks for sharing it

kelly said...

how romantic! i love it!

bedelia said...

I didn't notice it until I read that comment but you do look like her. Mr. Wonderful is what I call my husband.

Unknown said...

aw thats the cutest thing i've ever read!

Moon said...

Oh that was just lovely...and how special to have such keepsakes in the family.
My husband and I speak both french and english but mostly french, so we use Mon Amour (my love) between us and we both use BeBe ( babe)

Bridget said...

Wow, that letter is priceless. What a great romance.