Friday, February 15, 2008

Oma Day

My new Oma Kit has clothesline string, clothespins, and some fabric cut in the shape of little clothes. That was our first activity. Then we got out the felt paper doll kit. That lasted a little while, and as I put those away, Lucy asked, "What's our next activity?"

I said, "You can play with your blocks, and I think I'll go to the bathroom."

Chelsea (almost 3) followed me in, and said, "This will be a great activity!"

Lucy (4): Once I was really rude to Chelsea so my Dad had to put my Island Barbie, and my Hello Kitty Radio and my Annabelle Doll on top of the fridge.

Oma: Why? What did you do to Chelsea?

Lucy: I don't remember.

Oma: Did it teach you to be nice to Chelsea?

Lucy: Not very much. Well, maybe it taught me a little bit.


Christie said...

Hilarious! But the question is - did you let her follow you in to the next activity or leave her standed out in the hall?

Ashlee said...

That's awesome! I always wonder if my kids even remember why their in trouble or if they even got it in the first place.
What fun little activities in your special bag!

Joy Des Jardins said...

I love your Oma kit adorable. What a great Oma you are.

Jessica said...

Dying over what a great grandma you are.