Saturday, November 24, 2007

Overload Mode: iPhoto

What did I used to do? I mean, before I discovered technology?

I got a new, fancier camera a month ago and I've been struggling to learn all it's secrets. It has a tiny dial, and a bunch of menu selections. I have to press Mode before I do anything. It's been very frustrating, especially because the instruction manual was printed in very tiny letters and the icons were so small I couldn't even see them. I took the manual to Kinko's and enlarged every one of it's 32 pages, printed them out and spiral bound the lot. Then I spent several days studying and practicing with all my new innovations.

I've been downloading (or uploading, I don't know the difference) regularly to the computer, but I've been wanting to experiment a little more in editing, etc. and tweaking before I created some slide shows.

Today I decided to send the Thanksgiving photos off to the kids, so I sat down for what turned out to be a 12 hour editing session!!! I had experimented with all my new lighting techniques, white balance, sports settings, you name it, and now all 180 pics I've taken in the past two weeks of family get-togethers had to be dealt with. I have sat with my camera, trusty iPhoto for Dummies book, camera manual, and all the help button advice I could click on my mac desktop to master my domain.

Now, after 12 hours of editing, culling, tweaking, redoing it all several times, trying to make my music match the length, and let the photos show to greatest advantage, I have created 3 marvelous slide shows called Thanksgiving, Grand kids, Halloween.

Dee just got up (it's 1:30 am) to view them, and he got teary eyed, (maybe bleary eyes is more accurate) so I knew I'd hit the mark! They're darling, and sentimental and he and I will probably be the only ones to ever see them! I don't know how to download slideshows to send them anyway. But if you're ever kicking out over at my house, I'll sit you in the seat of honor in front of the computer and you'll see Digital Photography at it's slide show height. You'll weep with the beauty and feeling compressed into playback Mode.

My question: Is this what it's like for you when you find a new hobby? Is everybody obsessed with something? Does life just happen around you while you're immersed in your interest? Or is it just me? Do I have an addiction? Do I need counseling?

So, I'd like a philosophical discussion to start in the comment section of this blog. Is this worthwhile? Please share your wisdom. What's the point of all this in the long run?

In the meantime, get out your camera. Life will be different. You'll see it with new eyes.


notmuchofacook said...

I just found your blog last night. I think it was a link from the Grumpy Old Man's Bookblog or somesuch. I can totally identify with obsessing over a new thing. I have done it. It's fun when you're learning something new and you're mastering each thing. Good for you.

moon said...

The day we stop learning we might a well has also been proven that if we keep LEARNING constantly, we have a better chance of not getting alziemers..At any rate, I don't think u need therapy lol, if I start something I am usually obsessed by it.. it's the appeal of a new thing I believe...and thrilling when u can master something as u said.
Now I have to wonder if we both need therapy lol!

Kay Dennison said...

I think you're just fine, Marty! The key is just having fun with it all and not treating it as if your life depended on it. AND it really starts putting you crazy, amble over to my place and read a couple groaners-- after all, laughter is the best medicine!!!!

kenju said...

A broken ear drum? How'd that happen!?

I was/am just like you when it comes to the computer and photos and blogging! My children say I need therapy (LOL) and I tell them blogging IS my therapy!

Celia Fae said...

Did I miss this conversation? I hope not.

I am jealous you could spend 12 hours doing your photos.

Personally, when I have a new hobby that I am obsessed with I feel grateful. It doesn't happen for me very often which makes me feel left out because everyone else has hobbies. Especially my husband.

Since I discovered blogging, I have been feeling a sorry for my old hobby. I used to read a lot more.

Marty said...

There was more to this post (it was 3 times this long!) when it was written at 3:am after a sleeping pill. I was trying to take my mind off my breaking eardrum, so some unlucky readers got more than they bargained for!