Thursday, November 29, 2007

Book Stalls

The only way you can do all you want to do is read.

I've stalled around too long. At 58, I realize that many of the things I've imagined doing probably won't get done. Luckily I can read about them. Here are ten adventures I'll have only by reading a book. Do you recognize the book?
  1. Work as a companion to a wealthy woman in Monte and end up owning a fabulous English manor where they have servants, a boathouse and a dog named Jasper.
  2. Immigrate from England to Boston, married to the son of the governor, live on Long Island and ultimately marry my one true love.
  3. Be a spy in East Berlin.
  4. Travel from Ireland to become a maid in a wealthy New York family, and somehow inherit all their money and start a dynasty. (I think it involves having the illegitimate child of one of the sons, who later dies in a war, and then springing the child on the old grandmother when she's writing her will.)
  5. Teach school on an island in the Caribbean to poor, illiterate children.
  6. Teach school in the Appalachians Mountains to poor, illiterate children.
  7. Solve grisly murders in England with my partner (who is royalty.)
  8. Save myself by living alone in the woods when my plane crashes and everyone else is killed.
  9. Wear a ham costume and be taught to read by my father during the depression.
  10. When another lawyer in my office is killed, be suspected as the murderer, and later find out my spouse did it.
Can you guess all 10 books? Post your answers in the comments section, and leave some clues about your own favorites. Don't stall around!

The answers are here.


Kenny, Linsey and Caleb said...

I recognize "Rebecca," "Water is Wide," "Christy," "To Kill A Mockingbird," and maybe something by John LeCarre? The others I'd love to know the titles of for future readings.

Sounds like a nice way to get some good living in vicariously or not.

gab said...

I was going to say the same ones as Linsey. Also, maybe a Bourne Identity and Katherine?

Please post the list.

Stie: My Favorite Things said...

I can only guess Rebecca and To Kill a Mockingbird also. I have NO CLUE on the others.

Marty said...

Good answers, guys! No Bourne, Katherine, or LeCarre, though. The answers will be posted late tonight. Thanks for playing.

bedelia said...

8. Hatchet
I'm dying to know the other ones so I can read some more good books.

bedelia said...

Oh and 10 sounds like a Clancy novel with lawyers and murders.

Marty said...

No Clancy, but good guess.

Betty said...

I guessed "Rebecca", "Christy", and "To Killa Mockingbird", and wonder if "The Spy Who Came In From the Cold" is one of them.