Sunday, November 11, 2007

Bad Hair Day

I've felt like this at the beauty salon. One time while we were living in England I went for a haircut. My hair has always been short, but it had grown out a little in the back. I looked like the Brady Bunch mom. Anyway, Simon was cutting my hair, and he had a very posh English accent and seemed with it. He asked me if I wanted my fringe cut off. I answered with a hesitant "Yes" as he nodded encouragement. He cut my bangs to the quick!!! How was I supposed to know that fringe=bangs in British?

On a trip to Southern California back in the '70's, I impulsively went into a salon on the beach. Women were sitting in just their skimpy bras getting their hair done! I was a little freaked out, and said I'd keep my top on, thank you. When the guy laid me back to get my hair washed there was a collage of Playboy centerfolds on the ceiling. My eyes looked a lot bigger after that haircut.

A guy who's an M+M reader just sent in this question:

Dear M+M,
Natasha has been my hairdresser for more than 15 years. I love the way she does my hair. I am always generous with my tip. The problem is, she can't handle money. Natasha tells me all her money woes (the bank troubles, the creditors, how she can't meet her payroll...) I go to get a haircut and a shave, and just relax. My wife thinks she's hinting for me to bail her out. My son says I should be like a bartender and just listen. What's the best way out of this situation?

From, Hairy Guy

M(arty) Replies:
Dear Hairy,
A hairstylist divorce is one of the trickiest of breakups. What if you can't find anyone else who understands your cowlicks? But I think you've got irreconcilable differences here. If you were telling her your problems, she might have to put up with it because she needs (obviously) your money. You, on the other hand, are getting scalped. Give her a nice Christmas tip in December, and relax in somebody else's shampoo bowl in January.

m(arta) writes:
Dear guy (in need of a haircut,)
Take a good long look in the mirror. If you love your haircut, love the gentle massage, love her products, and the location of the salon then keep her and drown out her voice by bringing in a good paperback novel. A good hairstylist is difficult to come by. If, after looking in the mirror, you decide you're ready for a change, go ahead and snip the drama out of your life!

I'd advise caution when dealing with women holding scissors and razors. Years ago Pete (son, age 3) had a bad breakup with his stylist (daughter, age 5.) He came upstairs without bangs, and missing an eyebrow.

Do you have any hair-raising experiences to share?


mama jo said...

years ago i went to my hair dresser, she used to put a rinse on my shoulder length hair..well, she put the wrong one on and my hair turned PURPLE!! she tried to fix it...i went the next day, she tried to fix it...didn't kids said, why is your hair i called the beauty supply...they said to try washing it with palmolive dish strips the color...yeah, it stripped the color in only PART of my then i had purple and this greyish color hair....i went to a new stylist who dyed and cut off most of my hair.....that was traumatic!

MissKris said...

No truly awful story to share. My one main gripe is no matter which salon I go to, the turnover of employees is so high I never have the same person cut my hair twice. Each time I go in is a new adventure.

moon said...

I have to comment from a hairdressers perspective lol...I did hair for yrs...some ppl come in, with for instance..a photo of a starlet..wanting to look like them, while they themselves had half the hair on their head as the person in the photo lol..that happens so often its scary...we can do wonders but we CAN'T perform MIRACLES! LOL..that said..I totally relate to the horror stories...I myself worked in some salons that had a few hairdressers that I wouldn't let near my head with a 10 foot pole..the yr I worked there I basically grew out my hair lmao! I have always said...if you find a stylist you like KEEP THEM... even if it wasn't me..sometimes ppl just don't mesh, even if the stylist is good...and if not, stopped hairdressing as a career, many yrs ago...only do family now..but I too ...had to find someone I liked to do my own hair...took me yrs but I finally have someone I love..

kenju said...

My kids and grandkids have all cut areas of their own or each other's hair. Now that the youngest is almost 8, I think we will not have that problem any more...LOL

I had the same hairstylist for 27 years, and then he started getting sick and missing work. I was scared to death to let anyone else touch my hair, but the guiy who took over was better than the other guy - so I was very lucky!

Celia Fae said...

I agree, divorcing your hair person is traumatic. Consider quitting, but then what if you can't find anyone as good? Do you go back and grovel?

My hairstylist has divorced her husband, had two boyfriends, reconciled with the husband, had one illegitimate grandchild, and two tattoos in the five years I've gone to her. She does terrific color and I'm not quitting. I get tired of talking about myself anyway.