Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Dear M+M: Blogging Advice

Move over Dear Abby! Step aside Heloise! I've always wanted to have an advice column and finally somebody has asked me for advice! I'm discerning, discreet, experienced, practical...and stumped. I got an email asking for guidance in choosing a blog site host. Although I know lots of answers, and have untapped wisdom on a variety of subjects, how to set up a blog isn't one of them.

So I hopped over to my daughter at mwrites, who has expertise on computers, website design (as well as arts and crafts, entertaining, and all things twee) for a second opinion. She was in the middle of responding to one of her readers, and she needed my opinion! We realized we had the whole synergy thing going (two people working together in partnership are more effective than two people working on the same project, separately.) We've decided to put our heads together a few times a month, and instead of getting an m or an M, you'll get a whole bunch of M+Ms! Of course, your responses might be better than ours, so please feel free to join in with comments.

The first example is this:

Dear M+M,
I want to have a blog, but I've been told I shouldn't use Blogger. My friend says it's better to host your own site than to use the template type set-up. I'm not a computer whiz, but I don't want to start out on Blogger if I'm going to end up changing sites. What do you suggest?
From, Bloggy in Distress

M(arty) Replies:
When I started my blog a year ago, I didn't know a thing. Blogger was perfect for me-it walked me through the whole set-up without a hitch. I've been able to personalize my site with photos, colors, sidebar quotes, etc., but anyone who looks at blogs would recognize it as a Blogger template. That doesn't bother me and I'm not interested in learning to do HTML or anything, so I'm staying right here. I've asked Marta for her expert opinion.

First off, go for it and start a blog! Blogger is a great tool for anyone with little or a lot of experience. It you want to learn more about design, you could try out wordpress or typepad blogs. These forums are perfect for those programming wannabes who are motivated to create a unique blog. Many bloggers change websites from time to time. It can be a smooth transition (just make sure you alert your readers.) Don't feel locked in if you're ready for a blog spot change. For help, search Google to add pow to your website. There are plenty of tutorials out there. Be sure you realize that blogging can be a time commitment, so plan accordingly. Happy Blogging!

If you have a question for us, email with M+M as your subject. We'll respond quickly, (and keep your name out of it.)

Watch for future editions of M+M!


i'm kelly said...

i love this idea! how fun! two heads are definitely better than one!

Celia Fae said...

The advice column excites me. I've always turned to Dear Abby first in the newspaper. Maybe you will get syndicated!

gab said...

Dear M&M...My kids are high on Halloween candy and dumping chocolate chips all over the floor. Also one might have lyme disease...will you come and help! Thanks! Signed, the original desperate housewife