Friday, April 24, 2009

Who do you call on for help?

Illustration by Claudia Heaston

"Quite often we look at a task and think there is no way we can do what needs to be done.
That happens because we look at ourselves when we should be looking at God."
---Joyce Meyer

I spent the other evening calling six of my married kids all over the country, to inform them that their brother was in need. It was a gathering of Heroes by phone. The response was immediate. Pete's little nieces and nephews were roused out of bed to participate in family prayers; grown siblings sent e-mails inviting the adults of the family to participate in a family fast for Pete's speedy recovery; kids designed get-well-cards; calls, emails and generous offers of help and advice were sent off; all in the care of an ailing Unca Pete. I was the go-between for a few of those calls, and the concern, tears and interest refreshed my faith in the blessing of having a family.

"Get Well Soon, Uncle Pete!"

Emergencies remind families of the ties that bind, and the relationships that are sacred and lasting. Offers were numerous: for dinners, visits, lawn care, books, movies, rides—anything that could make things easier for our crippled patient during his recovery. But the thought behind the offer is what actually provides the healing power of love. Just seeing how effective a family rallying call can be is a comfort, knowing there are those who feel responsible and will be dependable in a crisis.

But with all that affectionate help, the most important direction to look for help is from above. God will allow opportunities to develop naturally from this situation. Friendships will be created, hard hearts will soften, and growth will be shared right along with flowers. My experience in this realm of emergency preparation is that there will be an abundance of chocolate chip cookies, but even more prayers asking for, and offering help. The Lord is the master relationship creator, and the right people will be led to do the right things, guaranteeing fellowship, closer bonds and harmony as a result of the situation. Other aspects of life will be affected in a positive way.

Anytime you're a participant in the trauma relief team serving a relative, neighbor or friend, notice the blessings that come to you just by being involved. I guarantee you'll be surprised at the good that comes out of praying as if everything depends on the Lord, and then working as if everything depends on you.

Pete's accident is the catalyst in our situation, but there are sure to be some in your family or neighborhood. When you join in the effort, watch for the miracles. They will come, I guarantee.



I have been very touched by these two posts, first by the horror and surprise of the accident - out of the blue your son's life is changed. And now by how your family rallies around him. But most I am touched by the Faith you share that allows you to see the driver in another light and to look to God for healing. Looking UP is the only way, isn't it? Sending prayers for your son, you, and all your family.

diane said...

I can't see my keyboard through my tears. You write so beautifully. I have been the recipient of this kind of family and friend rally and it is awe inspiring. Miracles happen and I strive to not take these tender mercies for granted. Peace and comfort to you and yours.

Bev said...

you are so right Marty. Yesterday I learned that one of my neighbors will be having surgery soon. I told her if she needed anything to just call, since I'm just across the street. I made sure she has my phone number. She seemed amazed that I would do such a thing, and kept saying "thank you for offering". Now I just hope she will actually let me do something for her --- perhaps we'll bake a loaf of bread and take a jar of jelly.

Polly said...

I have been the recipient of miracles. People who came forward while I was sick. A loaf of bread, a jar of soup, a call on the phone..all acts of love and ways of people showing that they care. Pete and Anna will be amazed at how much they are loved and cherished, they will never forget it, and it will teach them to "pay it forward" when they are on their feet again. They will never be the same, because of the love that is coming their way.

gab said...

Great perspective, Mom!

Sheri said...

"The Lord works in mysterious ways his wonders to perform." May many miracles come to you and your family through this tragedy. God bless.