Saturday, April 25, 2009


Pool Boy at 7 months

We all have our swimsuit issues.

But I've finally overcome mine!
I've let it all hang out every day for a couple of months.
I'm surfin' to the oldies: ♫ Fun! Fun! Fun! ♫ has got me rockin'.
Cute as he is, Baby Benji isn't the only gnarly dude on the beach—
I'm jammin' with the Beach Boys,

It hasn't been easy for me to get mobile. I've struggled for at least 55 years to find my exercise niche. I fall off horses, I'm scared of heights, I hate repetition. I was always the last one chosen for the team, I throw-up when I run, my ability to jump or jog was sacrificed in childbirth, bike seats give me snuggies rather than support, I have poor balance, I'm not competitive: I'm basically a wimp. And I don't really like to move very much anyway.

I did take dance, though. But practicing in the high school bathroom, my pseudo-skills with The Surf, The Mashed Potato and The Jerk inspired the ridicule of my friends. Although it felt good to boogie to the rhythm, I decided dancing was not my specialty either.

Oh sure, I could cuddle on the dance floor, hug and sway and kiss my date's neck well enough, but anything more technical than that gave me wall-flower status. I accepted the fact that I was not coordinated, graceful, or agile. I was a klutz.

But in this new world of technology, I've finally found the answer. It is a mini-iPod-shuffle. And it fits into a water-proof head band that provides music for the pool.

I've loaded it with all the old songs:

♫ Round, Round, Get Around, I Get Around ♫
♫ Help Me Rhonda ♫
♫ Surfin' USA ♫


♫ Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy♫
♫ In the Mood ♫


Johnnie Mathis
Chubbie Checkers
Bobby Darin
Neil Sedaka.

I position my headphones
and I'm ready to jive.

I feel SO graceful in the water!
I pick a time when I'm alone in the pool
(If I really looked like this I'm sure I'd draw a crowd.)

I get in and dance! It is so dang fun!
I twist and soft-shoe, leap, stretch, rumba, swing, and polka . . .

. . . my balance is improving and I think I'm ready to try
some ballet poses with a partner.

I'd like to be in a water dance troupe, too,
mainly for the outfits.

After a lifetime of searching I've finally found my sport. Water Dancing!
Who knew?
It makes me feel good physically, and emotionally,
and I look forward to doing it.

And it's all because of the mini iPod shuffle swim headband.

This purchase changed my life.

(Just a little something I'm incorporating into my routine
to add years to my life,
and life to my years.)

What gets you moving?


Christie said...

Yay, Omi! I'm so proud of you. Way to get jiggy with it all by yourself in the pool.

marta said...

wow! oma, way to go. keep it up, feel the burn. you'll start feeling so youthful and energetic, you won't believe it. make up some water dances and teach them to me later.

Sheri said...

Good for you! Nothing gets me moving and I don't think they make swimming suits large enough for me. Plus I don't have a pool. I could really rock out to some of those songs especially if no one is watching. In high school Mike Halliday told me I looked like a boxer while I was dancing, so I never did it again. (Boxer, e.g. Muhammad Ali, not the dog.)

gab said...

Seriously awesome.

diane said...

Before you know it you will be choreographing a synchronized swim team. You go girl!

Polly said...

I want to be in your water dance show! so I'll have to get me one of those things you have and download it with all the same music and start practicing. We'll have a recital for all our kids!!! They'll love it and then we'll be humiliated and never do it again. never mind, we'll have the recital just for ourselves.

Michelle said...

I love this! I taught water aerobics a few years back and it was a fabulous workout. But your version sounds like more fun.