Monday, April 27, 2009

Have a Ball!

Lucy's Soccer Warm Ups

The Lavender Tulips faced the Yellow Sunshine
on the soccer field,
and the action was intense.

The first time-out was called when one little Tulip's drawstring came undone and her shorts fell down. The Sunshine girls kept right on kicking and actually made a goal during the pause. Is a cartwheel considered excessive celebration?

Where's the ball?

"Other way! Run the other way!" Nobody seemed to remember which direction they were going. One play had the whole pack of players running down the field while the ball sat abandoned at the kickoff spot. The ball was safer than the little girl who accidentally got kicked instead. While she cried and was cuddled by her mom, the coaches tied a few shoes, and several players retrieved their purple polka-dot hair ribbons. Soccer is a rough sport!

Lucy Sunshine

Our own little ray of Sunshine finally got her chance at the ball. After running all the way around it, trying to decide which foot to use, she remembered her audience. She stopped the action, and turned to wave. Sadly, a Lavender Tulip took advantage of the moment, and the ball disappeared. I don't think Lucy even noticed!

Adoring fans

After the game, all the parents immediately formed two parallel lines and clasped hands, holding them high to make a victory tunnel. The Lavender Tulips and the Yellow Sunshine scampered through with cheers and high fives for everyone. Nobody kept score and all the girls were winners.

Life Lessons I Learned Today
  1. Figure out which way you're going.
  2. Keep your pants up.
  3. Cry if you need to, but celebrate when you can.
  4. Hang on to the momentum.
  5. Let the coach help.
  6. Try not to lose sight of the goal.
  7. Never keep score.
  8. Running in circles wears you out.
  9. Remember your fans.
  10. Look cute.

We're not here to win the game.
We're here to learn the game.


Polly said...

I love the names of the teams! I would love to be known as a lavender tulip or a yellow sunshine! it wouldn't matter what i played or who won or anything! What cute little girls!

Sheri said...

Wonderful post! The girls' shorts are so huge I thought they were wearing skirts. Great life lessons.