Friday, October 19, 2007

Wired: Internet Woes

Lightning struck! The other night we had a big show of fireworks in the sky, and the next morning this is what greeted me on my computer. I've had this notice show up before, so I went through my little routine: turn off, turn on, restart, listen to welcome didn't work. I tried again. Repeat. Nothing.

Oh well, I'd give it some time. Maybe the computer just needed a rest. And besides, I have a life outside blogging. I'd do my banking. Huh. Well, I was going to check my Netflix. Duh. I could order those books from Amazon. Oh. Maybe I would call my internet folks. The number? Just click Dex. Hmmm. That didn't work either.

I was resourceful. I found the phone book, found my glasses, and voila. I was on it! My next challenge: the phone wouldn't work either (so that's what Digital Voice means!) I dug out my cell.

I'm sure you've all met the friendly people at customer service. They're unreal. Really. After I started to explain my problem to a couple of voices that turned out to be recordings, I relaxed to the music they thoughtfully provided, and patiently waited. After all, my call was important to them.

I was all ready with my explanation when an actual person answered, (I'd had plenty of time to write it down) but it turned out he and I didn't speak the same language. We tried, but a few minutes later I was connected to someone named Greg.

We went through all the hoopla of me divulging the same private information I'd already discussed with the recordings, and then he started asking for details about my modem. Whoa...we must have our wires crossed! He was supposed to explain all this to me.

Laying on the floor underneath my desk, trying to keep the phone trapped between my shoulder and ear, wriggling my nose so my glasses wouldn't slide off my slippery face, I examined my wires. Greg wanted me to tell him where each one went. Eventually he discovered my modem was not sending any signals. I was out of luck until the repairman could come in two days. They'd call before they came.

This morning, as I anticipated the call heralding the restoration of contact with the outside world (sometime between 10 and 5) I realized they couldn't call me. (You know..the phone.) I wondered if they were smart enough to figure out that I couldn't receive their call until they came and fixed my phone. Also, to buzz someone into my building, I have to use the phone. The panic started to rise. I'd kept it in check for two long days and nights, but now the possibility of being stuck in the communication age without communication had me near frenzy. Besides, I had an appointment at noon for some gray that needed hiding. How could I choose between two such important fix-ups?

Dee covered for me at home, and the tech support pulled through. The guy was here about five minutes. He unplugged something, and plugged it back in, told Dee we needed a new power bar (only $70 at our convenient computer store) and assured him he could install it himself.

So now we're back in business. I discovered my daughter-in-law was worried we were sick and my daughter thought we were dead. I'm delighted to know we're noticed enough to be missed! The past two days (and nights) have been long and quiet, giving me time to ponder. I have discovered something about myself that I hadn't fully accepted before. The internet is my life.


Joy Des Jardins said...

A day without the internet is like a day without water. As a matter of fact, I take in far less water than I do the internet. I know exactly how you felt for those two days Marty. It's darn right scary when we realize just how much we all depend on it and even more frightening when something happens to disrupt it....EEEK! So glad you're back to normal....if any of us knows what that is.

kenju said...

I think all of us who blog will make that discovery soon, if not before!

Stie: My Favorite Things said...

So glad you're safe and sound!

Granny Annie said...

Identifying the wires, down on hands and knees, sweating with glasses sliding off your face -- I feel you pain. Been there, done that and ain't it awful. We have now fried two surge protectors but at least the computer was not ruined.

gab said...

I was REALLY worried...glad you're back and wired for action!

MissKris said...

When my old computer completely died on me a couple months ago, I realized how much I enjoy being 'connected', too. I used to spend a lot more time on it than I do now. Too much going on in 'real' life to spend much time here like I used to, but I simply could not LIVE without blogging. So glad all your 'connection' woes were taken care of, Marty!