Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Kid Wisdom

I've decided to have another baby. I mean, if I really want this blog to be entertaining I need a few little kids around full-time to give me good material. The mommy-bloggers have it made!

Here are a few nuggets from my recent Oma travels:

Hannah (6): Why is Chase getting baptized?

Mom: He wants to promise Heavenly Father that he'll obey the commandments, and H.F. promises that He'll always bless Chase.

Hannah: What does it mean to obey the commandments?

Mom: It means he'll try to be good.

Hannah: All the time? I'm just not ready for that.

We were playing that we were lost. Chelsea (2) was the big sister and I was the baby. Lucy was the bear. She roared and growled and we screamed and hid. Then the bear attacked and said to me, "I'm going to bite off your leg!"

I did a great imitation of a crying baby, and the sister comforted me, saying "It's all right. It won't even hurt. I have your pink bink in my pack-pack," and she stuck her pacifier in my mouth. (Remember that trick if you're ever being eaten by a bear.)

Lucy (4) looked at my feet and asked why I had little rocks stuck in them. I told her those were calluses. (I had just had a pedicure, too!) I said her feet were nice and soft because they were still new, and mine were getting pretty old. She suggested I go to the doctor and get some new ones. "He could just cut the hard ones off and put some soft ones on."

It's too bad that when I was a mom I didn't know how much fun I was having!


Stie: My Favorite Things said...

Those are great kid nuggets. I had forgotten about Hannah's comment on not being ready to be good.

Those Lucy/Chels stories are so funny! Love those little spice girls!

P.S. I would suggest NOT having another baby.

MissKris said...

Amen to THAT! I dunno what is so different between having our own kids and grandkids but it's like night and day, isn't it? I don't mind letting my DIL go thru all the hard stuff so I can enjoy the rest! Glad to see you back, Marty! Hope you guys had a good time.

Rebecca said...

Your granddaughters are beautiful. I can remember saying something very similar to what Hannah said when I was around 9...Oh, and from what I have read here, you did realize it was fun while you were in the midst of it all!

kenju said...

Very cute! The children are beautiful!

mama jo said...

sounds like fun...those pictures are all darling...

Kelly said...

i always love hearing what kids come up with... it's always brilliant!

Granny Annie said...

Oh my yes our grandchildren are treasures and their comments are so profound and wonderful. That's what we are supposed to be enjoying at this stage in our lives. But me have a baby? I DON'T THINK SO! Can you believe women our age that actually want to have a baby? Whew, I get tired just thinking about it.