Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Skeletons In Your Closet?

Do you have any secrets rattling around in your life that you're just dying to tell someone?
Come on....we won't tell a living soul!

Here are a few of my skeletons:
  1. I was once arrested. I was released to my dad (who was really my friend's older brother, pretending to be my dad.) It was a pretty mild incarceration for an hour or so, but it satisfied my wild side.
  2. I still like Barry Manilow.
  3. I got a D- in gym because I was too embarrassed to take showers. I then changed the grade (with the wrong color ink, I might add) to a B+. When my mother accused me of this, I had a grand tantrum, swore at her for not trusting me, and ran downstairs to my room, where I fell on my knees and prayed mightily that I would not be caught in my lie. Any of my own children would have been killed for this type of behavior.
  4. I hate healthy food and exercise. I love cookies and coke while I sit at the computer.
  5. My beautiful two carat diamond is fake.
  6. When movies don't have any sex or violence, I'm disappointed.
  7. Although I really like children, I think they're at their best when they're asleep.
  8. I am a shop-o-holic.
  9. I moan about insomnia, but I actually love prowling around in the middle of the night.
  10. I get very hairy when it's a full moon.

(Now, you've got a ghost of a chance to chase those skeletons out of your closet.
Treat us to your tricks! Scare us with your inside stories. If you keep them to yourself, they can eat you alive! Tell us...just tell US, "er..the goblins'll git yer if yer don't watch out!"


gab said...

I got another one for ya...

#20--You also swear at your children while they are learning to drive a MONSTER Suburban...leaving their driving self-image shattered and unable to pass the test until the 5th try!

Nimmy said...

I thought it was 6 times.

Stie: My Favorite Things said...

I've lived a pretty tame life compared to you, Oma. But I have to agree with you on the Barry Manilow. He's still got it, baby.

gab said...

Mom I felt bad all day about such a "witchy" comment! You WERE the best driving teacher a girl could ask for...

And if you DID have any skeletons in your closet...I am sure they'd be sorted by color and season...with appropriate accessories on index cards! only 5. Hello, what kind of loser do you think I am?

marta said...

i used to roll. 'nuff said. happy halloween!!!!

Suzz said...

What a fun post. Ooooooh, a D-? Me, too, and for the same reason!

Celia Fae said...

I once snuck a boy into my room so we could make out.

Don't tell my mother.