Monday, October 29, 2007

Halloween Costumes

Dee in Vienna May 2,1969
"Inside every older person is a younger person wondering what happened."

He had an appointment to Annapolis, but was against Viet Nam; he had a potential job with the CIA but a love for all things German; he had plans for a year in Europe but no money to finance it: these were just a few of the conflicting dreams of my Dreamboat when I met him in 1969. He was an adventurer and a scholar with no responsibilities; an activist, who listened to Bob Dylan, and, of course, he didn't trust anyone over thirty. (He personally had no plans of ever being thirty himself.)

We had a Halloween Party the other night, and everyone came as one of their heroes. This is what Dee wore:

Dee Oct 26, 2007

On the other side of his placard, he had this cartoon.

One of the great things about getting older is that you don't lose all the other ages you've been. It has been quite a trippy experience!

I wish I'd thought to wear this costume. Dee's always been my hero.


gab said...

Great costume! What a trip, alright.

Polly said...

The younger version of Dee looks just like Pete and the current looks just like someone who has done all the things he dreamed of doing.

Stie: My Favorite Things said...

Way to go, Ops! Love it. Way to tie it all together.

kenju said...

That was a good idea, and I love that cartoon. My life, too.

Joy Des Jardins said...

What a wonderful post...nice tribute to Dee. You guys were....and still are a cute couple.