Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Pretty Smart: Lucy

I gave Lucy a tiny package of Smarties. She shared them with Chelsea and me, and put two on the arm of my chair. "These can be for Opa," she said. "Will you take them home to him?" "Sure," I said.

A couple of minutes later I absent-mindedly ate them.

"Oh no! Those were for Opa!" she cried. She dutifully counted out two more. "Now save these for him. He would really like them."

She was busy coloring, but kept checking on the candy. "Don't eat them, Oma. Take them home for Opa." I reassured her I'd deliver the Smarties and tell him they were a special gift from Lucy.

Finally she decided to put them in my purse for safe-keeping. After a thoughtful minute she retrieved the two now disintegrating pieces, and popped them in her mouth. "I really don't think Opa is hungry," she said.


gab said...

She is SOOOO adorable! I think we must be related.

anna jo said...

that is too cute. I love juicy lucy!

marta said...

this is hilarious. love it.

Polly said...

Lucy is just too cute, and very smart as well, because she knew that those smarties wouldn't make it all the way home to opa, so she might as well enjoy them instead of you.

Stie: My Favorite Things said...

I love that little Juice. She is so dang cute!