Monday, July 18, 2011

California Wedding Day

My gorgeous sister Jolyn (and her son Willie)
arrive at the Los Angeles LDS Temple for the wedding.

She looks like the bride, but she's actually the mother of the groom.
(They're behind her.)

After the wedding ceremony at the temple,
there was a ring ceremony and reception at an oasis in the mountains,
just a few miles from Malibu beach.

Saddle Rock Ranch was a spectacular spot!
(That cute guy is my groom.)

The tables were set beneath avocado groves—
exotic animals (like zebras) live here!

The mother of the bride (in gray) and my darling niece, Kelly
(who is a famous blogger)
were just a couple of the beautiful people in the wedding party.

Another was my niece Kerry who was a bridesmaid.

But my new niece, Kristen,
was the star of the show!

There was a grand finale.

One flower girl got lost, but she wandered down the aisle eventually.

Congratulations to Russell and Kristen!

Do you recognize Kristen's grandpa?

Even with the sun in my eyes,
Dick Van Dyke's smile was dazzling!

It was a perfect wedding day!


Diane said...

Ooh! Thanks for letting us have a glimpse of the fun.

I grew up in Southern Cal, and your comment on the avocado trees reminded me how for years after I moved away I couldn't stand to pay for avocados, or oranges, because back home in California I could always get them for free.

polly said...

it was fun!

Unknown said...

i liked reading your little bits under all the pictures! so great to see you guys again!

Susan said...

It looks like there were a lot of golden moments that day - as there should be. How gorgeous! You captured such happiness on film.

kenju said...

Such a handsome family - even without Dick! It looks like it was a gorgeous wedding.

Heather Scott Partington said...

I. LOVE. HIM. :)