Thursday, May 24, 2007

I'd Like to Recommend...

To celebrate my 100th Blog, I am going to make
100 Recommendations

  1. Read a book in the British Museum Library, London, England
  2. Spend Saturday at The Tattered Cover Bookstore in Denver, CO
  3. Feast on fresh apple Pie from McFaddens in Maumee, OH
  4. Camp out in a thunder storm
  5. Dine at Le Train Bleu Restaurant in the Gare de Lyon in Paris, France
  6. Lunch with the ladies at Le Train Bleu Restaurant in Bloomingdales, NYC
  7. Go on a Pioneer Trek
  8. Attend your child's wedding
  9. Sleep in a warm bed in a cold room
  10. Stay at the Woodstock Inn, Woodstock, Vermont
  11. Try Langos (Hungarian fried bread) with garlic and salt
  12. Tour the Holocaust Museum in Washington, DC
  13. Eat fresh Maine lobster in Maine
  14. Look at Little Golden Books illustrated by Eloise Wilkins
  15. Sing the Messiah in a choir
  16. Read To Serve Them All My Days by R. F. Delderfield
  17. Wake up to Semmeln (white breakfast rolls) in Austria, with unsalted butter
  18. Sniff Sublime perfume by Jean Patou
  19. View Mount Olympus from the 23rd East Exit, in SLC, UT
  20. Gulp fresh squeezed grapefruit juice first thing in the morning
  21. Watch a little league baseball game
  22. Drive to Brighton, UT on a summer evening from SLC, UT
  23. Read To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee, then watch the movie
  24. Consume Swedish Thinnies (pancakes) made by me
  25. Order Chocolate Souffle with vanilla sauce anywhere you can get it
  26. Sleep out under the stars, with the smell of lilacs in the air
  27. Visit the National Postal Museum, Washington, DC
  28. Eat at In and Out Burger in Las Vegas, NV, or anywhere in Southern CA
  29. Fold sheets that have dried outside on a clothesline
  30. Sip a Chocolate soda with vanilla ice cream
  31. Tour Anne Hathaway's Cottage, Stratford upon Avon, England
  32. Eat Hot French Fries in a cone, on a cool day in Bruges, Belgium
  33. Ride Pirates of the Caribbean at Disneyland
  34. Take the ferry from San Francisco to Saucilito, CA
  35. Soften your feet with a sugar scrub
  36. Explore the Mysterious Bookshop, NYC, NY
  37. Try a Big H Hamburger, Fries and Fry Sauce at Hires, SLC, UT
  38. Sit in the rain at Bryant Park Cafe, behind the NY Public Library, NYC, NY
  39. Reflect at the American Cemetery in Normandy, France
  40. Try Chocolate Mousse at Brasserie Jo's, Boston, MA
  41. Take the train to Appenzell, Switzerland
  42. Make friends with someone who makes home made donuts
  43. Dine on Dee's brined turkey for Thanksgiving
  44. Blast songs by the Beach Boys in the car on a long drive during the summer
  45. Learn at The British War Museum
  46. Read mysteries by Helen MacInnes (WWII, and Cold War spy novels)
  47. Think about songs by Peter, Paul & Mary
  48. Quote lines from Seinfeld, Cheers, MASH, and Frasier to fellow quoters
  49. View the lakes in Minnesota from the air
  50. Sleep in 250 thread count sheets
  51. Splurge on $75 pillows from Bed, Bath and Beyond
  52. Watch Inspector Foyle Mysteries on A&E
  53. Shop for marbled paper in Venice, Italy
  54. Listen to waves crashing on the beach as you go to sleep
  55. Every year watch All the President's Men with Robert Redford and Dustin Hoffman
  56. Take a hot air balloon ride with brave grand kids
  57. Swing on a rope and drop into a river
  58. Ride the Orient Express overnight from Paris, France to Salzburg, Austria
  59. Watch all 33 Inspector Morse Mysteries
  60. Spend the day at Baldwins Book Barn in West Chester, PA
  61. Sip thick hot chocolate at Angelina's in Paris, France
  62. Visit Books of Wonder children's bookstore, NYC, NY
  63. Go to a Paul Simon concert and sing along to You Can Call Me Al
  64. Give birth
  65. Sing around a campfire
  66. Get a pedicure
  67. View SLC coming down Parley's Canyon at 9:pm in June, SLC, UT
  68. Photograph Upper and Lower Slaughters in the Cotswold's of England
  69. Memorize Casey at the Bat, and Little Orphan Annie
  70. Create a blog
  71. Organize your photos
  72. Be refreshed with an ice cold Coca Cola in a little bottle
  73. Listen to John Denver songs in the winter with a fire burning in the fireplace
  74. View SLC coming down Little Cottonwood Canyon at 5:pm in December, SLC, UT
  75. Have Cream Tea at Betty's in York, England
  76. Watch The Great Escape with Steve McQueen
  77. Stay in Vianden, Luxembourg
  78. Stay awake with mysteries by Elizabeth George (pretty gruesome)
  79. Record What Not to Wear and watch it while you iron
  80. Ski down a mountain where it's not crowded, not freezing, not snowing, not sunny
  81. Count your blessings, name them one by one
  82. Eat breakfast by a campfire in the mountains
  83. Remember good things
  84. Eat apple fritter donuts with vanilla sauce, in Brunnen, Switzerland
  85. Go to the grocery store in Issaquah, WA
  86. Browse independent bookstores in small towns
  87. Write a thank you note to a person who influenced you
  88. Try a Turkish Hot Fudge Sundae, Ghiradelli Square, San Francisco, CA
  89. Read about Princess Diana
  90. Drive coast to coast across the USA
  91. Get a massage
  92. Listen to James Taylor as you drive from Stockbridge to Boston, MA
  93. Find the story behind your quilt
  94. Be involved in politics
  95. Float down a river on a raft
  96. Host a pie eating contest
  97. Watch Brideshead Revisited
  98. Buy muffins at The Gingerbread Construction Co., Wakefield, MA
  99. Listen to a 3-yr-old granddaughter sing her little sister to sleep
  100. List 100 things that have made you happy!


Annie said...

These are going on my List of Hopeful Adventures for sure. It's great to see a few I've already done and know that I can try a couple next week when I'm in NYC. Happy blogiversary!

Amy said...

Congratulations on this mile stone, Oma. The recommendations really give a great flavor of your taste of life. Love it.

Jake said...

Great ideas!!! Where was "shop with a leashed-two-year-old at King of Prussia Mall"???!

Bev said...

I was amazed at how many of your 100 I had done -- 25! and I promise to do at least 5 more of yours.....and now I'm going to start thinking about posting my own list of 100

Thanks for setting me thinking in this direction!

Christie said...

I love this list - most especially 37 (Big H), 40 (Brasserie Jo), and 98 (Gingerbead House Muffins)...I just realized they're all about food! We have you to thank for discovering the joy of that chocolate mousse in Brasserie Jo, and I could never go to the Gingerbread House without wanting to fedex you a batch. You live the way I want to live. Travel, family, and good eats! Go Oms!

mama jo said...

those sound like alot of fun...for annie, going to nyc...stop at serendipty for frozen hot's divine.

marta said...

mom.. this is why i love you. you've conjured up so many memories. a few favorites: 7, 9 (in an attic in Delft, Holland with raindrops on the skylight), 24 (mmm, yes please), 44, 53.

you've taken the blog world and turned it into your own nook and cranny, crammed with beautiful silver pens from Tabula Rasa and overflowing with ancient books and tattered pages. keep writing, oma!

kenju said...

Very good recommendations, and I trust you've experienced them all?

love.boxes said...

I decided to count which of these things I've done. I had a head start being born in Utah and having been to Hires many times, but I still only got 29. I would love to do all the rest. So far, the most profound of all that you listed were giving birth and visiting Normandy. I would love to take my daughter with me to see Utah Beach in Normandy someday. I'm going to add that to the 100. Really great post!