Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Vienna Flea Market

First we had langos,
a scone dipped in garlic butter and salt.

I spotted a display of vintage dirndls.

Marty in Vienna, 1969

I happen to be that exact vintage!

Soon Dee was leafing through books,

And I was browsing through buttons.

I accidentally bumped into the lady standing next to me, and she fell over! Horrified, I looked down, apologizing profusely, and saw that her arm had come off and was laying next to her body! Another woman was helping her up . . .

and I realized she was a mannequin.

(It was time to flee the market.)


Christie said...

That is so funny. And the scone thing looks delish!

beviejean said...

I love reading your blog every day. Lots of memories for me, too, as I lived in Germany from 1956-58. I worked for the military. I, too, have a dirndl like yours that I bought in the Lanz shop in Salzburg. Ah...memories!

Alana said...

I just laughed out loud about the mannequin incident!