Monday, May 30, 2011

Hearts Turned

PJ May 2011

Looking at people who belong to us, we see the past, the present and the future.

Opa May 2011

My favorite scripture is a prophesy in the last verse of the Old Testament:
"And he shall turn the heart of the fathers to the children,
and the heart of the children to their fathers . . ."
It's happened to me.

Our kids 1984

They won my heart when they were little,
and their kids have turned my heart all over again.
Listen in on some kidspeak from tonight:

Scott, Eliza, Jill

"Tickle us some more, Uncle Sco."
"I can't, girls. I'm old."

"But we're young!"

Marty 1965

I love having the memory of being young,

Marty, May 2011

and the perspective of being old.
It fills me with gratitude.

Today my heart is turned to the fathers who kept my world turning:

Wells, 1943

Dee's dad in England,

Jiggs, 1943

And my dad in Australia.

I wonder if all the soldiers realized the lives they were blessing.

"Think of the power of thousands of prayers of parents and grandparents,
back and back and even beyond, all requesting essentially the same thing:
'Bless my children; bless my children; bless my children.'
Can you hear it as it rolls and echos throughout all eternity?"
—John H. Groberg

My heart is turning in both directions:
Bless my children; bless my fathers.
And bless me to be worthy of them all.


Who are you remembering this Memorial Day?


Hil said...

You are every bit as beautiful now as you were in 1965. What great pictures.

Today, even though Memorial Day is traditionally when we honor our military men and women, I am remembering both my child (Michael) who we lost in 2009 and my grandfathers (one of which who served during WWII). I am grateful we live so close to each of their grave sites so that we can take my boys and teach them about the men my grandfathers were.

kenju said...

My uncles, both of whom died as a result of being in the Navy. My dad was 4-F because of flat feet and it bothered him terribly not to be able to serve.

Kay Dennison said...

The many vets -- both family and friends -- who served our country honorably.

VickiC said...

Thanks for the good turning of the heart. I am remembering my beloved father (I think I chose him before I arrived here) and two young men whose names I don't recall. Both were only 21. One a local young man who gave his life in Afganistan. The other a young man I met in photo. He lost an eye, a hand, and certainly so much more than that.
Thanks for reminding me to say thank you.