Thursday, May 19, 2011

Tell Me Their Story

Getting on the plane.

On the plane.

Getting off the plane.

This couple sat in front of me on a ten-hour flight from Paris.
They never took took off their hats. Ever.

This is how everyone else looked.





Why would you keep your hat on for a ten hour flight?

"In most novels, what the character wears gives the reader an immediate grasp on that character's personality. Clothes help the reader's mental image of the character, and accessories can be important. The outer trappings of a character speak volumes to the personality of the individual."
—10 Steps to Creating Memorable Characters

What's their story?
Any ideas?


Diane said...

If they're traveling incognito, it isn't working.
Maybe it was a bet?
A super bad hair day?
Their own flair?

I just sat on a 14 hour flight from China. I cannot imagine having a large (though lovely) hat like that on the entire time.

Tracy said...

I think they are whisking away for a love affair and the hats are there to hide their faces when someone gets too close. He is sporting a bald spot and doesn't want his new mistress to be privvy to the fact that he isn't what she thought...she on the other hand has not taken off her hat because she is really a brunette but the hat with blonde tendrils is hiding it...

Christie said...

I think they are fleeing the country because they embezzled millions and are afraid of being recognized.

Bizarre. I could never sit that long on a plane in a hat.

The Grandmother Here said...

Did they notice that they had a stalker? No? Then they are not FBI or CIA or even Dr. Brennan from Bones.

Heidi said...

I'm impressed you could take all those pictures so sneakily... that's the beauty of the iphone!

VickiC said...

They are space aliens hiding some sort of antennae, or terrorists hiding detonators (Are you ever asked to remove your hat?), or they attended the royal wedding and want to get their money's worth out of their hats. (Guess that doesn't explain the man's hat or flying out of Paris--unless taking a quick side trip.) Maybe they are Brad and Angelina traveling incognito.

kenju said...

Well, I love hats, but no, I wouldn't wear one that long and certainly not on a plane.

We flew to Barbados from Miami once, and two guys who could have been twins wore white linen suits, black shirts and white straw hats the whole way. They were in the airport again when we left Barbados, and they had NO underwear on under their white linen pants. I didn't notice the hats that

kristen said...

how intriguing! i would have had to fight the urge to follow them just to see what they were doing!

those other flight photos made me chuckle. who sleeps pretty while traveling at all? :)

Mrs. Organic said...

I keep thinking how itchy their heads would be. I'm guessing they're in the Witness Protection Program. Either that or they've just won the Lotto and don't want anyone to recognize them as they escape to their private island.

marta said...

hilarious. those don't even look like comfy hats. maybe they're germ-a-phobes about lice. i prefer the dorked out head pillow and the nice ten hour nap!

Heffalump said...

They are cyborgs and the hats are there to hide all the wiring.

♥Maren said...

I have no idea what those hats are for... but I am laughing so hard at all the pictures you took on the plane! We are headed to the Netherlands next week... I don't know if I will be able to sleep!

(But I do know that I will NOT be sporting a hat... no matter how lovely!)