Monday, May 16, 2011

Blog Questions

My novel Son of a Gun will be released in the fall, and I've been reading about Building an Online Platform—the first step to online marketing. Because lots of you sell your creations online, and most of you buy stuff online, I want your advice, my dear blog friends. Please leave a wise (or otherwise) answer to one or more of my questions.
  1. My publicist suggests an online presence: (Website, blog, social media, etc.) Is a blog like mine enough? Should I have another blog just about my book? Why? How will anyone find it? Should I have a professional website and my blog? What's the difference? Do you go to author's websites?
  2. Is it worth the trouble to change my blog from Blogger to my own domain? Does it really make a difference? Would I lose readers in the transition phase?
  3. Everyone says to get on Twitter, but I don't understand Twitter. How would tweeting that I found a great sale on bananas help sell my book? It's a blind alley for me. Do I need to learn?
  4. Right now my Facebook is just whatever I write on my blog. Should it be different? (I can't think of anything else to say.) How do people do both? Is Facebook better than a blog for an online presence? (What is an online presence?) Do people read facebook entries of people who never read leave comments on their facebook?
  5. If I'm looking for a book to read, I just go to Amazon and type in a topic, title or name. How do you do it? Do you go to Goodreads, book blogs, ask friends first?
  6. Do you mostly buy books in bookstores, online, or do you download ebooks? How much would you pay for an ebook by a newbie?
  7. What would entice you to read a book by an unknown, first-time author?
  8. Have you ever gone to a book signing? Why did you go? Was it lame or cool?
  9. Are you in a book club? How do you decide what to read?
  10. On a different topic, why do people say snarky things when they comment on a blog? Just to hurt the blogger's feelings? A blog friend of mine emailed that she was closing her blog because of the hurtful comments she got from her ex-mother-in-law. Why don't people just stop reading if they don't like the content?
Now it's your turn.
I dare you—get carried totally carried away with your opinions!
Fill my box with ideas!


allison said...

*I like twitter, because you can post little updates related to the theme of your blog/book. It keeps your fans delighted with tidbits, because they are little teasers for blog posts.
*Right now, I am completely into ebooks. I would pay about $13 dollars for a newbie novel. I really hope that you make your novel available in ebook format.

On another note-I think people are snarky and mean in comments, because they are just inherently passive-aggressive cowards. I say, if you're gonna fight-FIGHT TO MY FACE!

That is all. :)

Anonymous said...

get on Goodreads. This is a great place to advertise. They actually have a section of book giveaways that people can try to win. An author, editor, etc can get on and give away say 2-3 copies(or however many you want) and in doing so hundreds will sign to try and win one. Most times it is an advance copy and so the reader is than asked to review it and post their review. I have won several books that way - but the big part is that many of us who don't win the book will still put you on a "to-read" list and will go buy your book or wait to buy it when it is finally released to the masses. I have put hundreds on my list and am reading through them. I am exposed to books that I never would have before and I am finding some great books!!!! It is worth it for many authors and editors. Make sure you have an author's account and many will follow you and your books and hopefully future ones as well.
In addition set up a blog just for your book and link it to this one. Tomie dePaola has a blog and he is linked through Goodreads. He is one of my fav's to read. I discovered through Goodreads his blog and website. So you might want to cover your bases. I am anti-twitter and FB. But many others are definately into it. so you might again have to play in each and every realm to make your presence known. Make sure you ask your readers to forward and post your info. Alot of people sell their stuff but by having an occasional giveaway that requires someone to post about it, tweet, blog, etc it spreads the word fast a furious. I do it in hopes of winning something and it is no skin of my nose but has spread the word for the seller. I havediscovered many wonderful things through my friends who do the same and vice-versa.

Good luck!!!
I will be putting you into my Goodreads "to-read" and hope to spread the word for you if I can!!

Christie said...

Ugh. I just typed a huge response and blogger lost it. I will call you later. Lame!

Grandma Cebe said...

The same thing just happened to my lengthy post that happened to Christie's. Boo! I'll send an email or maybe wander over your way later.

Heather P said...

*Your blog is perfectly YOU. Don't change a thing.
*Twitter isn't for everybody. If it doesn't feel right, don't force it.
*Make a "Page" for your blog on Facebook. That way you can keep it separate from your personal page and people can "like" it without having access to your personal world.
*I am like you--I rely mostly on Amazon and reviews. Sometimes a blog post will pique my interest, but usually I get ideas of what to read from friends or from Amazon.
*For ebooks, I feel like anything under $10 is a good deal. Anything over I have to REALLY want. ;)
*I've never been to a book signing, but I would go to yours in a HEARTBEAT if I lived closer!
*I think people leave snarky comments because it's easy to feel bold when you're alone at your computer and you dont' have to look someone in the face. People are just weak. Bad blog comments are evidence of how we're all a little cowardly inside. I just try to delete them and move on, but it's hard.

Kay Dennison said...


Do what is best for you! I have no interest in Twitter or Facebook.
If it were me I'd, do a separate blog. I'm looking forward to reading your book!!!!

Erin {pughs' news} said...

I love your blog and don't think you should change it. But you should definitely get on Twitter, so you can let people know if you've got a new post up, or something interesting you want to share. It's fast and simple and like Allison said, will keep your fans delighted!

Heffalump said...

Something you might thing about is doing a blog tour.
A blog tour is when you pick different bloggers to do a post about you/your book on their blogs. It lets their readers know about your book and helps generate interest.
You might have your blog friends do an interview with you about writing your book or about the story, or you might just have them do a review of your book on their blog.
I have been involved with book tours twice for Annette Lyon when she released new books. Those of us who were part of the tour got a PDF copy of her book to read and we were able to interview her or do a review on our blogs.