Thursday, November 18, 2010

Writers Walk

South Temple Street, SLC

Hey! Wanna go get a bagel?

Cathedral of the Madeleine, SLC

I've been wanting to ask you something. When you write a blog, are you writing to someone specific or just a general anybody?

Is there someone sitting behind you in your mind, reading over your shoulder, laughing at your little jokes, nodding at your observations? Or is there someone you're trying to lecture, hoping they'll get the message?

First Presbyterian Church, SLC

Do you know if they even read your blog? Have they ever asked if a post was about them?

The Avenues, SLC

Two pumpkin bagels with a shmear, please.
And some poppers to go.

Let's sit outside. I've been reading this fabulous book by Stephen King called On Writing. Here, let me read you this part. He says, "All novels are really letters aimed at one person . . . I think that every writer has a single ideal reader: that at various points during the composition of a story, the writer is thinking, 'I wonder what he/she will think when he/she reads this part?'"

LDS Business College, SLC

Sometimes I've written a post with someone specific in mind, but I've never had anybody notice, or at least they've never said anything. But I do have a few people I write for, every time I write anything. Deep down, I want their approval—their opinion validates my effort. I know that makes me sound needy; I am—I admit it. It's scary to stand up naked in print and have people look you over and make judgments about your ideas and feelings and talents. When one of those particular people says, "That was good," I'm good to go another 5,000 words.

Tell the truth—is there someone you hope will read your stuff, leave a comment, or call you up and say "Wow!"?

E Street, SLC

Do you think you're that person for somebody else?

A half-block from home.

Oh my gosh! I've just realized I've done all the talking.
I'm totally embarrassed!

Have a bagel popper.


Susan said...

Marty, You are always so spot on. I think this perspective is what's missing when I write my own blog posts, which is probably what makes it so painful to do. Thank you! Warm regards, Susan

Raejean said...

I never really thought of who I write to when I blog. Now that I think about it, I'd say I often write to younger me about the things I wish I would have learned back then.

Other than young me, I write for other women and moms. I do love getting compliments or comments that make me feel like I've made that connection. Sometimes I write for my children, mostly stories from our pasts.

I'll have to try writing with a specific person in mind.

Shelley said...

I think I write for me. I laugh at my own jokes as I write them and enjoy the process so much I can't wait to do it again. I'm always thinking of things to write about and show. If people read and enjoy it I'm thankful and hope they enjoy it as much as I do.

Tracy said...

Very profound...don't we ALL want someone to recognize and respond to our blogs? I find that I do, especially since I'm in my infancy stage of writing.

I love the challenge of writing any piece, to make the words 'perfect' (a word I try to avoid in my life) however, your post definitely brought all of these ideas to the forefront of my mind and will continually be conscience in the future...

Misty said...

I do! It changes with each post, but I'm always wondering what a certain person will think, if it will resonate with them, or if I'm lucky, maybe it will help them. Even if I post about my kiddos, it's "what will Grandma think?"

Is that unhealthy? Maybe I'll try a post that's writing just for me...

kenju said...

Nice photos - love the old tree in the top one.

Yes, sometimes I am speaking to someone in particular, but most of the time I am writing for anyone - and I love getting comments.

Christie said...

I started out writing for me, but have morphed into keeping my kids in mind when I do it. They sit for HOURS and re-read my old blurb books. They are my critic, sensor, and editors all rolled into one. When I write something in particular, I know who will laugh at it, be annoyed with it, or fake embarrassment by it. The blog is a fantastic medium. I love it.

P.S. Awesome pics!

Martha said...

Love the photos! I always try to drive around SLC very time I am up that way. The buildings in your photos are some of my favorites.

Diane said...

1. I loved Stephen King's book On Writing. I should reread it. It's been a long time. (That and Bird by Bird by Anne Lamott.)
2. I write mostly for my children, I think. Sometimes for other people - and it is a thrill anytime someone tells me they read my blog and like it. Sometimes I write to capture a memory.
3. I was up in your neighborhood shopping on Tuesday - it is beautiful in the fall, just like your pictures

Linsey said...

Hm, good questions. I write for myself. Sure there are people I hope are reading and approving, but mostly, I write for me. To remember things that are important and to distill things into clear ideas.

Thanks for the walk and talk. Oh, and what on earth is a bagel popper?

Michelle said...

Hmm, the person changes all the time. I can say that I'm always thrilled to get a comment from you (and sometimes I worry about what you might think when I write a post).

nanny said...

Many, many moons ago I lived in the Avenues of Salt Lake and walked to/from work every day along the same path of these pictures. It was so fun to see these great buildings and reminisce about my life as a single adult in Salt Lake. Thanks for the memories.

the wrath of khandrea said...

this was fun. i could totally relate to where you were coming from.