Friday, November 19, 2010

Book Club

"I know an old lady who swallowed a pie . . .
A Thanksgiving pie, which was really too dry.
Perhaps she'll die."

She swallowed some cider, a roll and a salad,
"she was looking quite pallid
after that salad . . . "

And then the old lady swallowed a turkey.

"Her future looked murky, after that turkey!
She swallowed the turkey to go with the salad . . .

She swallowed a roll to go with the cider,
That rumbled and mumbled and grumbled inside her.

She swallowed the cider to moisten the pie,
The Thanksgiving pie, which was really too dry.

Perhaps she'll die."

" I know an old lady who swallowed some bread.

"I'm full," she said.

Read the whole story before you start gobbling!


Diane said...

What a fun book! And the Old Lady who Swallowed a Spider is a favorite family story/song, so this would really be fun for us. Thanks for the suggestion.

kenju said...

That is delightful. Too bad most of my grandchildren are beyond the age of being able to admit liking that!

Tracy said...

My students love this book! and always help when I get to the familiar parts...

Gail said...

How fun that you shared this book. I found it at a library book sale and tucked it in my suitcase to take to the family Thanksgiving gathering to read to my grandchildren.

Gabi said...

We just pulled this one out tonight. My kids love it all year long. Thanks for adding it to our library!!

the wrath of khandrea said...

this is oen of our favorites. i just pulled it out this weekend, and we've read it several times already. see? my kids will feel right at home when you adopt them.