Monday, November 8, 2010

Graphology 101

Graphologist at work

Quick! Pick up a piece of unlined paper and a pen. Write two short paragraphs about anything (a quote you remember, description of yourself, what you did last night) and sign it at the bottom.

Now, we are going to analyze you.
  1. A wide margin on both sides of the page shows you are extravagant. Small margins mean you're practical.
  2. Small writing means you are shy; big writing means you are outgoing.
  3. If your lines and letters are crammed together you're stingy with money.
  4. One line touching another could mean your thinking is muddled.
  5. The slope of your writing shows your emotions: lines sloped upward indicate cheerfulness, straight lines indicate an even-tempered, reliable person. If there's a downward slope, you probably need some chocolate.
  6. Ruler straight, up-and-down letters show you think with your head and not your heart.
  7. Very slanted writing is a sure clue that you are sensitive and easily hurt.
  8. Are you loopy? If so, you're relaxed and spontaneous. If your loops are closed you might be tense.
  9. A round "S" means you like to please people, and avoid confrontation.
  10. Pointy writing shows ambition.
  11. If your signature is centered, so are you.
  12. Did you sign your full name? You're intellectual. Just your first name? You're casual. A nickname? You're cool.

A letter from Max

Aristotle said handwriting is a window into a person's mind. This weekend I've been creating some characters based on their loops and slopes, their p's and q's. It's my new slant on writing. Based on his letters, I've decided Max is a bulky, assertive kind of guy.

Clara's letters from Austria

Clara is interested and interesting.

Clara's trip journal.

Oma is going blind.

How would you feel about a stranger reading your letters and diaries in eighty years? Would there be enough clues to turn you into a real character? Are you secretly hoping someone will eventually read your journal, or have you stopped keeping one just in case you die someday?


Raejean said...

My handwriting says I'm practical, outgoing, even tempered, reliable, think with my head, relaxed (for the moment)and a people pleaser.

Part of why I journal is for my kids and grandkids to know who I am. I use my journal less for venting with that mindset. Now I vent on scratch paper - then shred it!

Diane said...

My journals are pretty tame. However, I do have one journal that I gave to my daughter to keep. If I die before my husband she's to hold it and not release it until he's dead. He has just never wanted to hear about my dating other people. I don't want him any more upset after I die than just missing me!

marta said...

mom, i love little self analyze tests like this one! i'm off to figure out what my writing means. and i MUST write in my diary, thanks for the reminder. have been a poor journalist this year. can't keep up with all my methods of madness, i mean diaries, that i keep.

Amanda said...

I keep meaning to write by hand more often, but since I work on the computer all day, my hand begins to cramp within minutes of writing. Secondly, no one I know will write me real handwritten letters. I also have to worry about nosy roommates wanting to read my journal so...

I'm afraid I'm not that interesting as a person who lacks great adventures, so I don't think my journals would be that interesting.

polly said...

loved the little test. it's interesting to see you we really are. I use my blog as my journal, so i don't know how the generations will read into that! I guess by my earlier work that is handwritten. I hope somebody reads my journal in the future, because i love reading about our ancestors. i like to know where i came from!

Mrs. Organic said...

I am secretly hoping they won't be bored to tears reading my journal - do you have any tips for journal writing?