Monday, November 15, 2010

The House That Built Me

Grama's House

Marta told me about a song called The House That Built Me. It made me cry. So I took a little tour and drove past the houses that built me. My grandma's house was for sale, all lonely and empty looking, so I pulled into the driveway and grabbed my camera.

Ever since she moved out thirty-five years ago I've wished I had some pictures; the succession of owners didn't seem welcoming. But now I could walk past the fish-pond, peek in the windows and conjure up some ghosts.

There was a sign on the front door. Could it be a message from my past? I searched for my glasses and got closer. "Danger. Keep Out. Stay Away. This house was used as a meth lab."

I almost fell off the porch in my dash for the car. So much for the house that built me. (I always knew Grandma was a good cook.)

To listen to the song, click here: The House That Built Me.

(Yes, I do take requests. This re-run is brought to you by Kristina. Thanks for reading!)


Diane said...

I think the house I grew up in (one house my whole life), and my parents lived in for 35 years is in good shape, but the neighborhood has drastically changed. At least we have our memories to preserve the best parts of our lives intact.

the wrath of khandrea said...

this is tragic and hilarious at the same time. more hilarious than tragic, as i'm still laughing.

Susan Adcox said...

This is a funny post. On the other hand, I've just posted a piece about grandparents raising grandchildren. Number one reason grandparents have to take over? Drugs. Number one drug? Methamphetamine.

kenju said...

Between the time I was born and the time I moved away to another state after school, my parents and I lived in 7 different houses, all within 12 miles of each other. I doubt that any of them has been used as a meth lab - but who knows....LOL

Deborah said...

Gosh.. I've never thought about this before! Thank you! I have been past old homes in the past and always sad to see a tree gone or something changed. I never really thought about a house the "builds you" but I guess they really do! Thank you for the post!

Grandma Shelley said...

When I drive by my childhood home it always looks so small. I don't ever remember thinking it was small as a girl.

I'm thinking most of us have way more house than we need.

~Kristina said...

this is exactly the one! i could read it until i recite it from memory. Three cheers for your awesomeness, Oma!