Monday, October 27, 2008


Barack Obama

Look who's calling...

My daughter-in-law.

Look who got the call!

"Obama will be here in 45 minutes!" Candice was making Sunday dinner, but she left the rolls in the oven, the pans on the stove, and her family to fend for themselves. History was in the making!

Barack Obama in Brighton, Colorado

Candice has been a devoted Barack Obama fan/volunteer for the last 5 years; she was on his side before it was cool to be on his side. When he unexpectedly decided to stop at the campaign office in her small town, she was invited. She told a friend, "If you had a chance to meet JFK today would you go? I'll honk for you in two minutes!"

Hard-working volunteers rock with Barack!

The presidential candidate wanted to make a few campaign calls. People there could call anyone they wanted, and hand him their cell phone. "This is Barack Obama..." he said.

Candice shook his hand. Her enthusiastic words were, "Hello! My Republican husband voted for you." He replied, "You must be very persuasive." Candice thoughtfully said, "Yep."

In the presence of greatness.

And to think her Republican husband is my son.
He chose wisely.


Kay Dennison said...

WOW!!!! 'Wayyyyyyyyyy cool! What a lovely reward for her dedication!!!!

raehan said...

: )

That's just lovely.

kenju said...

WOW! She's very lucky. Hooray for daughters-in-law!

Christie said...

It truly is history in the making, and she can always say she was there. I think that is so cool.

Polly said...

I'm glad Candice took the opportunity to meet Obama. I'll never forget being taken to hear JFK speak at the tabernacle when I was in 5th grade by my mom. She was a Republican, but thought it was historic to have the young president in our city. We couldn't get in, so we waited at the west entrance of the then Hotel Utah and he entered just several feet from us, looked directly at us and waved, we could have touched was September of 1963..I'll never forget that moment.

Sheri said...

Soooo cool! Great photos.

After hearing RFK in 1968, I stood next to his limo as he departed down State St. The crowd was shouting, "Bob-by! Bob-by! Bob-by!"

He was off to California where the rest is history.

Keri(th) said...

History in the making, how exciting!