Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Bloggy Giveaway

Be a winner!

I want to take a Blog Tour to see creative layouts and unique content ideas.

(Leave a suggestion in the comment section by midnight, October 31st
and you could win a prize!)

Is there a blog you think is especially artistic? Or a cleverly themed site you always visit? How have you found your favorite blogs? What makes you go back to them?

Is there a Directory of Blogs somewhere so I can find one by subject? I'd love to read a blog that is focused on one of these topics:
  1. Storytelling
  2. Famous writers or musicians, written by them
  3. English villages
  4. Mysteries (fiction)
  5. What it's like to be old
  6. Teaching history to kids
  7. Travel tips
  8. Children's books
  9. Stories about World War II
  10. Folk Music
  11. Candid Photography
  12. Organization tips
  13. Style tips
  14. Poetry
  15. Living Creatively
Any recommendations?
I'll announce three winners on November 1st.

P.S. It's against the rules to suggest your parent, sibling or best friend. That way no one will feel obligated to mention somebody they love, and nobody will get their feelings hurt.

And, btw, if I know you and I know you have a blog, or if you've ever commented, I read your blog. You are already my favorites.


kenju said...

Naturally, when I am asked the question, I cannot think of anything or of aparticular blog to tell you about.

What makes me go back to a blog has nothing to do with the style/look of it, but the content and quality of the writing and subject matter.

I bet if you googled those subjects along with the word blog, you'd get a lot of hits.

Christie said...

You can put the subjects you're interested in on your profile. Then if you click on them while looking at your profile, it will pull up a list of blogs with those same interests.

gab said...

But am I your FAVORITE favorite?

Boskey said...

There is this site I visit on a regular(day-to-day) basis, in fact I have its feed in my Google Reader.
Its about day-to-day events of a mother living a Ranch life, her Amazing recipes, her Love story(like your Salzburg posts!), about home schooling her kids and Home/Garden stuff. Its just amazing! Take a look:

Also, if you like to get listings of Blogs by categories, here is a site, all the blogs are ranked by Bloggers and every year the best blog in each category is awarded. Take a look at there 2008 winners

Keri(th) said...

Here are a few links that have blogs listed by topic: - list of well-known and well-liked blogs - list of top 100 most popular blogs - list of blogger award winners

Also, some of my favorites for:

Storytelling - (list of storytelling blogs)

What it's like to be old - (list of blogs on aging)

Travel tips –

Children's books -

Stories about World War II - blog

Organization tips –

Styletips –

Living Creatively –

Have fun looking!

Keri(th) said...

The World War II blog address should read:

It's not a blog about organizing the war!

Deirdre said...

I'm posting after the deadline, having just discovered your blog (via your comment on Marta's site). Looks like a wealth of reading here, for this momma to 3 little boys and lover of books (former English teacher). Can't wait to look around more.

Some of my favorite blogs:

Lots of good organization habits here:

Lots of photo help here:
though most of what I've learned is from the Pioneer woman mentioned above (she also has great posts about teaching kids history...and great storyteller), and