Friday, October 31, 2008

Kidspeak: Halloween Story

Art by Janey Dyer

It was the hour we were anticipating: story time. "Girls! It's bedtime. Choose your story."
Comfy with pillows, snuggled in flannel footy jammies, four little cherubs reverently presented their favorite books, and found a lap.

I started reading Halloween Night but was interrupted on the first page by Curly Locks. "I can read it all by myself," she proudly announced. "But I have to sit in the middle." We swapped seats so everyone could see the pictures, and then she started to read. Word perfect.

Oma and Opa were amazed. She's in pre-school for a few hours a week, but we were astonished by her abilities. She read through each page sounding out words, noticing the difference in brought and bought, grandma and grandpa, and even her expression was spot on. "This is our new book," she said. "We just got it last night."

Marveling at this brilliant grandchild, we were interested when on the longest page she said, "I can read so good, I can read this page with my eyes closed." And she did. Not a single mistake was made. What a great memory --hers and ours.


gab said...

Another genius in the family!

kenju said...

My son "red" Mary Poppins to me at the age of 3 1/2. I had read it to him so many times that he knew the story by heart, and would chastize me if I left out a word.

kenju said...

Geeeeze. I have not been drinking....I meant to write "read", of course.