Monday, July 28, 2008

Take Another Look

Emmie and Jake at Imax

Five things I see differently when I'm around grand kids:
  1. Accessories make any event a party. Umbrella toothpicks, for example.
  2. Food is more sensuous when you squeeze it between all ten fingers.
  3. It's helpful to be short, because people drop lots of cool stuff on the floor.
  4. Losing your dignity in public is totally freeing.
  5. Wearing 3-D glasses lets you see the whole picture with better perspective.
The greatest aid to adult education is hanging out with children. They haven't forgotten how to enjoy life, and this month I've had a lot of good reminders.


Christie said...

Yes, yes, but have any of them puked on your floor lately? I think that was your most excellent lesson this summer.

thewindhover said...

You speak the truth!

Sheri said...

I so agree. I miss children so much. I used to teach Nursery School (4 year olds, my favorite age) and worked for about 8 years in elementary schools, mostly with kindergarten and first grade kids (my favorite grades). The kids helped me feel young. I ache for grandkids.

Keri(th) said...

Glad to hear that you're a fan of complete loss of dignity in a public setting.
Would you consider coming on as our Nanny?
The pay is crummy and the kid is a tornado, but I'm sure the growing process is reward enough.

Barbara said...

This is why I have continued to teach Kindergarten all these years!! Speaking of ... I get all my new ones on Monday!! Can you believe my summer is over:0