Friday, July 11, 2008

Boy's Noise

"Too-oo-ooo. . ."

I love little boys. And I love the sound of trains. A combination of the two made my day. First we read the book. Then I told them about our real train.

Sam doesn't breathe between words. We drove to the JSM Building and went down into the underground parking garage. "Isthisasubwaytrain?Arewegoingonasubwaytrain?" (now that you get the idea of Sam Speak, I'll type it normally.)

"The train's outside," I explained. "We're going to go through a beautiful building first." "A beautiful train-station-building?" asked Luke. They ran down the long hall giggling with excitement about the beautiful train-station-building. The gorgeous chandeliers, pillars, and furnishings failed to impress. It was only a half block to the Traxx station, but it was almost 100° and took "too long, Oma. It's taking too, too long."

Sam and Luke (twin 4-year-olds) arrive at the Traxx station

The first two minutes of the wait went by slowly. "When is the train coming, Oma? Is the train coming yet, Oma? Oma Oma Oma OMA When is the train coming, Oma?"

Sam and Luke lay on the sidewalk at the Traxx Station

The next five minutes went even slower. "I'm so firsty, Oma." "It's too hot, Oma." But finally we heard the Too-oo-ooo! We found our seats and watched out the window. "Is that a strut-tion site, Oma? Look at all the cranes, Oma! We're on the switch tracks, Oma. . ."

Luke lounges in the lounge car.

Five minutes into the ride Luke was laying, exhausted on the seat. "When is this ride going to be done, Oma? It's too, too l-o-n-g." "I'm so firsty, Oma," said a withering Sam.

Ah-h-h, root beer!

Our table was next to the giant cafe window, which looked out towards the Traxx tracks. Just as they finished their chocolate cream pie Sam heard the familiar Too-oo-ooo, and shouted, "Lukey! It's the train!" Quick as a whistle, four little chocolate hand prints decorated the glass.

Luke and Rocket. Sam and Blue.

Snuggled with their blankies, they listened to my favorite rendition of What Does the Train Say? Then it was off to bed. A bit of tousling encouraged me to lay down with them. As they drifted down the track to Dreamland, I heard another little boy noise. Toot...toot,toot, t-o-o-t.

"Hey, are you guys potty-trained?"
"Train? What train?"
"You have a one-track mind."

"Track! What track?"

The aroma made me think I was in a cattle car.
I love little boys!



Christie said...

Ha ha ha! I love little Sam and Luke - they crack me up.

Connie said...

Good story, your twins will always remember Oma when they hear that train whistling and tooting.

diane said...

I love the twists and turns this story took. You are so clever.

polly said...

I'm glad you had a fun time with the little boys!

gab said...

They fell asleep for three hours as soon as we got them home! (Did you?)

Joy Des Jardins said...

That was so sweet Marty....your little guys are so cute....