Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Colony in the Woods


The wise leader encouraged the new commonwealth.

Girls win the flint and steel contest.

Resources for heating and fuel were established.

Opa teaches whittling.

A community college taught necessary skills.

Luke carved himself a soap-on-a-rope.

Local craftsmen received recognition.

Making mud pies, and washing up provided hours of fun.

A sanitation department was put into action. . . .


And a communication system established.

Pete introduced a creepy friend to a pretty girl.

A committee formed the Humane Society.

Bubble-blowing contest

A small group of citizens thought the old guy
was blowing things out of proportion.

The Grands (minus three and 3/4)

So he formed a Government of the people.


the hogan's said...

How fun...your fam is so big now! I bet my parents are jealous of all the grandkids!

Keri(th) said...

Holy Shmoly Marty! That is one fabulous posterity you've got there!

diane said...

You even look cute and fashionable when you're camping!

Christie said...

I'm sure if we'd been there Josh would be the first citizen of your new country to be thrown in jail. He's a bad seed that way.

Sandra Ferguson said...

I love the family photos. What a great day.

gab said...

I still cannot believe it. But you don't have a single ugly grandchild.