Monday, July 23, 2007


Portrait painted 1980, with an addendum in 1982.

You know them all now. Gabi, Josh, Micah, Amy, Heidi, Peter, and Marta.
I've done a little word portrait of each one over the past few months. I don't think anyone can really know me unless they know something about my work, and this is my work. Dee always says we invested in our family, and now we're getting the dividends. (If you haven't met Dee you can read about him on all my Salzburg posts.)

I could talk about my kids forever. Each time I wrote about one of them, I thought about it for days afterwards, thinking of all the things I could add. I realize you don't really need to know everything. It's just so fun! Thanks for indulging me.

I used to say "I could be a great mother if it weren't for all these kids." Now I look at the evidence and say, "I must have been a great mother...just look at these kids!"

(Actually, I can't take much credit. They came good. And we had so many that we didn't have time to wreck them.)


mama jo said...

hey, you both did a wonderful good in fact, that i called and still call for all your wonderful advice...

kenju said...

Marty, I'm SO impressed! I didn't know you were an artist. One question: when you are gone, who gets that painting? Won't they want to fight over it? Did you make copies for everyone?

Marty: said...

I wish I could take credit for the painting, but it wasn't me. I write word portraits.

Rebecca said...

Thank you for providing links to the other bios...I will enjoy reading them. Wonderful portrait, too, regardless of who painted it. Although they say a picture can say a thousand words, that picture pales in comparison to your words.