Sunday, July 15, 2007

The Collection Plate

What do you collect?

Dee is a collector extraordinaire. He's collected the real collectibles: first editions, cameras, stamps, etc., but his coolest collections are of the ephemera variety. He gathers unique matchbooks, coasters, menus, antique postcards, old passports, ticket stubs, pocket knives...whatever. His office is like a museum of his interests, and experiences. If you poked around in there for an hour you would know more about him than if you talked to him for a week.

I've never thought of myself as a collector. I like to organize, and weed out. Looking around, however, I see that I have a bunch of stuff that represents me, too. Here's the short list:
  1. Blue and white plates
  2. Illustrated Children's books
  3. Alarm clocks
  4. Little decorative boxes
  5. Buttons
  6. Broaches
  7. Scarves
  8. Baskets
  9. Ornate miniature frames
  10. Old calendars
What's on your collection plate?


MissKris said...

1. Gladys Taber books
2. "unique" angels
3. wind chimes
4. handmade pottery
5. old quotes and/or poetry in what must be their original frames
6. agates for my Memory Jar..tiny sea shells, too
7. thoughts for my blog
8. lots and lots of good memories!


MissKris said...

Oh...and another one that just came to mind:

9. "tchotchkes" for my garden art

gramakas said...

I collect pin cushions and used to collect beany babies (when they were still hard to find and ridiculously expensive).

kenju said...

If you've read my old blog, you know I collect paper fans, carved wooden statues, frogs, gnomes by Tom Clark, etc. PLEASE show us your treasures!!

Sco said...

1. photographs of my daughters
2. Knives. This is a new obsession; my collection is just starting. By the way, was your post a reaction to Dee's and my long conversation about knives?
3. South Africa coffe table books
4. Art books (this was the main reason I married Amy)
5. Music, in iTunes
6. money. this one is also just barely starting.

Walker Family said...

wedding magazines, birthday cards, Jane Austen books, pretty paper
(I guess I'm a paper collector--everything I like could go up in flames!)

rp said...

My husband collects comic books, and has for over 40 years. He has some stored in his mom's basement, his sister's basement, and 3 of our 7 closets!

I collect books, hard cover first editions, when I can. I also like matchbooks, preferably wooden match boxes, and anything letterpress printed. And beads and such for when I'm feeling crafty.

Kristen said...

1.Quotes - thoughts and essays
2.Fabric to make quilts, fancy aprons and handbags
3.Bells - my mother started this collection 40 years ago and I've inherited the treasures
4.Notebooks, pretty paper, ribbons