Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Tell Me About Your Dad

Excerpt from

Son of a Gun
Marty Halverson

“There’s a man ... my daddy’s voice was as soft and low as a lullaby—would break the heart of Lucifer himself to hear him and Ma sing harmony.” Leo told her then about his sisters, Josey’s harmonica and Nataki . . . “she said our music would make the angels weep.”

“What’d you do?” Ruby asked, picturing the scene.

“Strummed. I got a guitar. We sang all the old Kentucky songs to the Texas wilderness to while away the wintertime darkness.” He told her about watching the lightning chain at eight years old, when they first settled the ranch. “Nothing but the wind and the rain to argue with,” he said. Lost in his own memories, Leo went on, “After Ma died of the measles, just before my daddy followed her, he said, ‘I tell you boys, if either of you remember how your ma taught you how to pray, get down on your kneebones this night and tell Him up yonder you’re beholden for the land he give us.’”

Chagrined at his rambling, Leo rolled over and looked at Ruby. “I oughta’ save part of my breath for breathing.” He was talking to her as he’d talked to no one in years.

“You’re good company, Leo Barlow.”

"Guess if you're going to spend your whole life with yourself you need to learn to be good company."

So, how would you describe your dad?


Grandma Cebe said...

Oh, I did that on a blog post back on his birthday in March.


Looking forward to the debut of "Son of a Gun".

Diane said...

My dad is the most gentle, kind, thoughtful and patient person I know. He's been that way all my life, and he shows it daily while caring for my mother who has Alzheimer's.

VickiC said...

Before I had a concept of God and heaven, and years before I joined the Church, I was convinced I'd always known Dad. My four year old mind came up with the theory I had been first in line at some cosmic "Dad Store", and therefore, had the opportunity of first pick. I was certain I got the very best one (dad), and am still convinced of it today.

His tender heart is probably what I loved most. Although I can't recall the infraction, it must have been serious as Dad sent me out for a "switch" from one of the backyard bushes. I finally chose one and delivered it to him.

I was surprised to find him crying, especially as I'd never seen this before. He took the switch, gave me some mini lecture about the wrong I had committed, and then threw the switch to the ground. And then he warned me, "Don't you EVER put me through this again." I tried not to.

Just one more....
Soon after I joined the Church at age 16, I discovered there was this thing called "early morning (be there by 6:30)seminary" I was supposed to attend every school day.

Seminary got kinda old kinda fast, and I remember deciding one morning I would just sleep in.

Dad (who gave up an extra half hour of sleep to drive me) came knocking on my door when he realized I was late in getting ready. I informed him I was too tired and wasn't going that morning.

Quick on the comeback, he responded,"OK, but I would think if you were going to be a Mormon, you would want to try and be a good one."

Of course, I got up and went.

BTW, thanks to you and Cebe for getting me going on my personal history.

VickiC said...
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