Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Roller Coaster Ride

Ten days ago I wrote on my to-do page: "List all your worries and then list ways to let them go." As it turned out, I got on a crazy new ride and threw them to the wind. Now, I can't even remember what they were! Funny how one new experience can overwhelm your whole life and make you forget your past bumps and grinds completely.

It seems like everyone who's anyone has already been on this ride, or they're climbing on for their turn. It didn't look that crazy right at first, but the big drop was a shock, and my stomach almost popped out of my mouth; pure speed overwhelmed me and I just held on.

I've been up, down, dizzy, disoriented, gulping air, trying to get right-side round again. We've been rolling for a full week now and I can tell I'm still pretty discombobulated. I keep leaving my keys in the front door; I took the towels out of the dryer and loaded them back in the washer and turned it on; I found myself drying the kitchen counter with a baby's bib. I start something and get distracted and realize it's noon and I have my levis on but I forgot to put on a shirt. One eye lash is curled, the other straight. And my blog from yesterday is still sitting half-written, but I can't remember the point I was making, so I'll rescue it from Drafts someday soon, and have an out-of-date observation about something that will seem irrelevant.

Where's the Dramamine?

There. I feel almost back to normal. As soon as I stop feeling dizzy, I'm going to list all my brand-new worries and figure out a way to let them go, too. But I'm too exhausted to stay on the roller coaster much longer. All that rolling is making me a little sick.

When will we start coasting?

(I'll be back to normal posting soon, I hope!)


Christie said...

That crazy eye picture is so hard to look at. Makes my head spin.

You really have been on a roller coaster the past week or so. Really give yourself time to just relax and figure it all out. In the meantime, we are here for you if you need anything.

Diane said...

My roller coaster method? Hang on for dear life until the ride is done. Get off, shake yourself a little, and get re-oriented to where you are now.

It usually works for me.

the wrath of khandrea said...

sadly, i'm one of those people who is inclined to make a hangnail into a steep plunge on the ride.

i am intrigued by your approach, however, to make a list of worries and then "find ways to let them go." that latter part really appeals to it is sooooo very difficult for me to do. any tips, strategies, etc. on how you formulate THAT portion of your list??

The Grandmother Here said...

I saw you in person once in the last week. You made a comment in Relief Society that was something I had never thought of but will never forget. You seemed to be keeping your wits about you just fine.

P.S. After your bout of the shingles, I went for the shot. If I hadn't had insurance it would have cost me $200+.

Kay Dennison said...

I'm acrophobic and can't do rollercoasters!!! I get dizzy looking at the photos!