Thursday, June 30, 2011

Camping With KIds: Firepower!

Hey Liza! Looking for fun?
The Oma kit has the makings for
Fire Power!

~Give each kid a magnifying glass.
~Gather round the cold campfire (or any rocks)
~Each kid makes a tiny pile of twigs and scraps for kindling.

~Position the magnifying glass to catch some rays.
~ Sing "Here Comes the Sun" whenever he peeks out from behind a cloud.
~Coax him with "You are my Sunshine."
~Repeat the magic chant: "Come on baby, light my fire . . ." whenever a ray appears.
~Direct the sun through the magnifying glass onto kindling you've lovingly put together.
~ Watch for smoke wisps above your piece of napkin.

"Hey, I'm thmokin, don't you think?"

~If you are a smokin-hot 2nd grader, that lucky old sun might shine for a second right through your magnifying glass.

~Finally, you scream giddily, "FIRE!!" For you, city slicker that you are, have created fire without a match.

Then, you sleep in the sunshine.


Kay Dennison said...

Awwwwwwwwwwww too cute!

Christie said...

So jealous. I wish we could be there!

VickiC said...

Our first five grandkids were boys, and I'm pretty sure they came hard-wired for trying to start fires with a magnifying glass. Our chant was, "No, you can't have any gasoline", and "Leave those bugs alone or I'm taking that magnifying glass away!"

polly said...

looks like another great campout. have fun!