Wednesday, January 19, 2011

What Not To Wear Part One:

Marta has been chosen as a key speaker for the famous
ALT Summit Design/Blog Conference.
It's time to get her out of her work clothes and into her duds!

Marta's friends and family nominated her,
explaining—"we love her look,
but she's hit the big time. Min needs a little fashion guidance from

The woman who's dressed her since the very beginning:

Her mom!"

Oma said,
"With a special presentation looming before her,
I have the honor of taking her shopping for a professional look:
Together we'll discover, "What not to wear."

Hijacked at her sleepover party, Marta was offered her special
What Not to Wear Card, a trip to the mall, and an entirely new outfit,
she would give away her whole wardrobe and stand in the 360° mirror.

The critique began:

"I'd wear this to chase a lamb," said Marta.
"Too much blush," said Oma.

"I'd wear this to a birthday party," said Marta.
"Too many ringlets," said Oma.

"I'd wear this on a ski weekend,"
said Marta.
"Too uptight,"
said Oma.

Marta videoed her reactions from the first day:

"I have mixed emotions about this whole makeover thing.
My mom was responsible for many of my dorky looks in the past.
I'm not sure she should be my go-to fashion consultant of the day.
I don't want to lose the look that I'm known for.
And above all I want to be comfortable."

Marta explained the secret footage:

"I wore this outfit to a pickle party, when I was feeling preggars.
It was stretchy."

"I wore this outfit on a bad hairday, when I took TRAXX to the U.
I felt totally co-ed."

"I wore this after being up with a sick baby all night,
when I was calling the doctor. I felt like things would be all right."

I wore this that night I . . .
I don't want to tell about that night.

"I'm right behind you, Min!
(Unless I notice some stuff for myself.)
Shop til you drop!"

The reveal is tomorrow.

Yesterday's giveaway is going strong—great suggestions!
You still have a few days to be in the running for a prize!


kenju said...

You are so clever!! I love this post and seeing the childhood photos is wonderful (they are priceless, as I'm sure you know).

Christie said...

Marta is, and always has been, absolutely darling! Can't wait to see the reveal.

polly said...

marta will be beautiful in whatever you dress her in i'm sure. just don't pick the the immigrant look that i found so cute, i blew it up and hung in my hall along with whit's look, (which we won't mention here). i'm sure that's why marta didn't ask me to help dress her for her big day!

Heather P said...

Teehee! I saw on her blog that you were stylin' her up. Love the nod to Stacy and Clinton--two of my faves.

Can't wait to see (although she seems pretty stylish to me, already? Maybe this is telling about my own lack of style.)

The Grandmother Here said...

If one is teaching about blogging, shouldn't one look the part? And that would depend on what your blog is about. Are bloggers professionals? Are they casual? Are they up-tight? Are they free? I guess they wouldn't have ink-stained fingers or a pencil over their ear. Do they have one arm longer than the other from carrying a laptop around? Or have they switched to an ipad?

Annie said...

I miss my mother, so, so much. You two (you and Marta) remind me what the whole mother / daughter dynamic is all about.