Tuesday, January 25, 2011


These are symbols that many people can read.

Without a word said, there's understanding.

I'm posting this week about
writing symbolically,
(metaphors, weather, similes, etc.)
But first I need your help.

I have a cool little app on my Mac computer so that I can type some symbols. But I always wonder if they show up the way I want them to on your computer. In the comments section could you tell me which of the following six symbols you see (or what you see instead?) And tell me if you have a Mac or a PC.

☂ This is an umbrella

★ This is a star

♥ This is a heart

♫ These are two musical notes ♫

☺ This is a smiley face

❀ This is a flower

Tell me if my cute little symbols show up.
(They mean I care about you!)


Diane said...

I was able to see all six symbols, and they were what you said they were.
By the way, I'm still loving the new look of your blog.

audrey said...

I could see them all as well. I'm on a PC. (So is my mom, even though she left that out in her comment above.)

I look forward to your posts each day. Keep up the good work!

The Grandmother Here said...

Your little pictures worked fine on my PC. The symbols that I do not understand are the fabric care symbols on clothing tags.

Christie said...

I'm a PC and they all show up to me, though the flower looks more like a fat guy on my screen. So maybe that means you have seven symbol possibilities?

Linsey said...

I'm on a Mac and I see what you want me to see...I think anyway.

Sheri said...

I have a PC and I was able to see all six symbols. As you know, I always look forward to your posts, symbolic or not!

Chiska said...

I have a rather old (in computer years) PC and I can only see the heart, musical notes and smiley face.

~Kristina said...

On my PC I can see what you said I should see.

Heffalump said...

I am on a PC with Windows XP and I can see all of the symbols.

Anonymous said...

I see all six :) I'm on an IPad.

Anonymous said...

share with u some cute symbols:
EYES EXERCISE: ⊙(→_→) (↑_ ↑) (←_←) (↓_↓) (→_→)(↑_↑)(←_←)(↓_↓) (→_→)(↑_↑)(←_←) (→_←)(↑_↓) (↓_↑) (↑_↓) (←_→)(↓_↑) (→_←)(←_→)(↓_↑) (→_←)(↑_↓)
OUTCOME: ( T_T )(>_<)( *_* ) (O_O) (V_V)(★_★)(⊙_⊙)

Beck said...
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Beck said...

I'm on a not-so-old PC and can only see the heart, musical notes and smiley face. Who knows? Maybe its my web browser.