Tuesday, May 25, 2010

What Did You Say?

"Think over everything you say,
but don't say everything you think."

I'm doing some research for my panel discussion. Please leave a comment!
  1. Have you ever gotten in trouble because of a blog post you wrote? Why?
  2. Do you post your opinions about religion or politics? Why or why not?
  3. Have you ever had rude comments on your blog? How did you respond?
  4. When you read blogs, what topics make you squirm?
  5. What would you blog about if nobody knew it was you?
"I'm not saying we ought to misbehave,
but we ought to seem as if we could."
—Oscar Wilde


Shanel said...

I wrote a post about things I wanted to say to my best friend... how she hurts people that love her... well she read my blog and it hurt.I lied and said it was about someone else but she knew it referred to her. Since then things began to get really awkward between us and it still affects my writing to this day because I just don't want to hurt people. I do talk about politics and religion because sometimes that's whats on my mind. My blog is kind of like my diary so I write the things that I feel good about. I don't write how I really feel deep inside sometimes because I don't want to offend the few followers that I have and that SUCKS. I've NEVER had rude comments on my blog--- thank God. The only topics that make me squirm are when people talk bad about the President and use excessive foul language. If I didn't tell a few people that I am close to about my blog--- I would talk about sex. Sex is so taboo still and I love discussing it--- but won't because I don't want my friends knowing all my secrets and because I don't want to offend my followers. I've thought about starting a separate blog but not sure yet.

MommyJ said...

I quite often post about religion... less frequently about politics, but if I have something I really feel like I should say, I do. Religion is an easy one for me. It's so much a part of who I am, hard not to share it. I've had a few rude comments. I simply delete, and move on. Life is too short to dwell on stuff that doesn't really matter. What makes me uncomfortable? People using their blog to vent about their parents/inlaws/spouse... with no filter, and no apology. Not all information is meant for such a public forum. ANYONE can read a blog. I think sometimes people forget that.

Julie P said...

I wish I was going to hear you speak!!

I don't think my blog would be different from the way it is now if no one knew it was me, and yes, I do post thoughts on religion and politics. Often, though, before a political post that I know might be contentions, I'll post a warning at the beginning, and then use the "read more" function on the blog. I hate it when people use the "read more"! But I think that's a great time.

About rude comments: the worst that comes to mind is the person who told me it was my fault my baby was born early and in the NICU, all because I had mused a few days before she was born about one day - eventually - I might use castor oil to get her out. It went on and on, was vicious and mean, and of course, anonymous. I responded on my blog as a post, driven out of hormones and anger, and then took it down after a couple days (but I don't regret putting the response up in the first place). I knew when I got the comment - and said as much in my posted response - that receiving comments like that is a risk that public bloggers take. We put it all out there and it makes us vulnerable. Right after the incident, and still, I feel like the benefits of public blogging far outweigh the rare negative costs.

One thing that makes me squirm when I blog surf: naked pictures of children that moms post. Still blows my mind how common it is, how vulnerable and innocent those children are, and how naive those mothers are. Crazy.

Good luck with your prep!

Raejean said...

When I started blogging, I decided that my blog would be about my journey to become the person I want to be someday. Religion plays in to that, but I discuss it as "this is what we do", not as a sermon. I try leave politics out of my blog. Even though I have strong political view, this isn't the forum I want to discuss them.

To blog about politics, religion or any other sensitive topic depends on the purpose of the blog and the kind of interaction the blogger wants with their readers.

Michelle said...

I try to be honest on my blog, but often the biggest struggles going on in my life are stories I can't share openly.

A friend and I have often discussed starting an anonymous blog "The Truth."

cannwin said...

My blog is like the journal of my daily life + an effort to be read. I love followers, I love comments and I love praise... these all play a factor into what I say on my blog. Sometimes I hesitate because I don't want my posts to be boring, other times because I don't want someone to move on because of the topic.

I do post about politics sometimes, but generally when it is something shocking that angers me. Like this one: http://cannwin.blogspot.com/2009/11/cannwin-rants-politically-again.html

As for religion, being LDS is not so much a religion for me as it is who I am. I can't detach one from the other. If I didn't talk about church I couldn't talk about half of my life! It would be like not speaking of my spouse. So every post probably says something about my beliefs. If there are specific topics I generally link them to mormon.org or lds.org

I have never gotten a rude comment on my blog (but I have a small following) I have gotten an email asking me to take a picture down, I just deleted the entire post.

As for topics that make me squirm. I have a hard time with home-schooling. Is that weird? I think it's because my mom was sooooo anti-homeschooling and never had anything good to say about the people who did it. So I've been slightly tainted. I never say anything to anyone I know who homeschools but it always makes me slightly uncomfortable.

Worst blog I ever ran across was a woman on wordpress who blogged about her childs journey through trans-gendering. She described the time when her 4 year old had told her how he felt like a girl inside and from then on her son became her daughter. That made me mad but instead of commenting I just moved on.

Erin said...

I post lots of things about religion, whether it be a spiritual message I found while reading the scriptures, or an inspirational thought I heard from a speaker. I also put political posts on my blog. I feel like many in my limited blog audience don't have (or don't choose to have) much exposure to politics and I want them to read opinions to spur them to get more involved. I want them to form their own opinions (and if they happen to agree with me, ... all the better). :) Good luck!

Kay Dennison said...

1. Depends on how you define trouble.

2. Yes, I do -- as you well know. I post them because I believe in freedom of speech.

3. Yes, I have but that's why I have comment moderation.

4. Sex makes me uncomfortable but only because I think it's too personal for discussion.

5. I already blog about anything and everything that strikes my fancy.

I love the Wilde quote!

And thanks -- this is a thought-provoking post?

polly said...

I use my blog as my journal, but often ask the question, how perfect do I want my life to appear to my posterity? Do I only want the good to come shining thru or post sometimes how I really feel? So I tend to hold back. I like to read about politics and religion, but I have to get pretty revved up to post about politics and I will post about religion whenever I feel moved and not care what my following feels, (since you and Jo are my following and generally you feel the same way).

Misty said...

I post about religion - I agree with cannwin...it's so much a part of life that not posting about it would be leaving out a giant chunk.

If I were to have a blog that no one knew was mine, I would blog about my extended family and all of the drama...watching family members deal with abuse and a lot of bad decisions. I think it would be therapuetic for me to get it all out, but I wouldn't dare do it if anyone knew who I (or my family) was. I don't post about politics, but that's mostly because I'm not very interested in them.

I've gotten a few rude comments, but they've been from family members tryting to stir up trouble, so I just delete them and move on. (Again, way too much drama.)

The blog(s) that bother me the most are the ones from people who profess to be "upstanding members of the LDS Church" but who make fun of sacred things and mock others. I'd give you an example, but I don't even want to link up to that "seriously so" horrible site.

Kay Dennison said...

And oh yeah, I just posted a link to this for my readers asking them to take your survey! I hope it helps!!!!!

Tiffany said...

My answers:

1. Not really, although one time I made fun of corny gift tags, such as "May Your Days Be Merry & Sprite" and got some negative feedback. I felt bad.

2. I rarely mention religion or politics. I find them to be intensely personal subjects. And I find most people unable to accept an alternate point of view.

3. I've only had one rude comment, that I'm very juvenile in my writing. It's probably true, so does that make it rude? I didn't respond.

4. I squirm when people get preachy or condemning, especially when moms get critical of other moms.

5. I'd probably tell more embarrassing stories about my extended family.

Love the Oscar Wilde quote!

kenju said...

1. Yes. I wrote about how I don't like (most) music to start playing automatically on blogs - and a woman took it personally and read me the riot act. I had already told her that I liked "her" music (classical), so I don't know why she was so bent out of shape. She quit reading my blog and I returned the favor.
2. Seldom. I am rather apolitical and my religious views are personal.
3. Only a few, and I ignore them.
4. Not much makes me squirm, but if someone writes about very personal info (as in intimate relations or hygiene) I usually skip over it.
5. I might tell some of my past shenanigans, if no one knew it was me.....LOL

Susan Adcox said...

1. I've never gotten in trouble for a blog post, but since my blog is part of my website on About.com, it's not really like a personal blog.
2. I don't post my opinions about politics or religion. See above. If I'm following a blog, I don't mind posts about religious beliefs. I also don't mind political discussions that show an informed viewpoint on either end of the political spectrum. If you make crude posts about our President or other leaders, I'll drop you.
3. I've only had one rude comment, and I left it up for a while and then deleted it.
4. I squirm when people whose identities aren't hidden post things about their family members that seem to be written in the heat of the moment. They'll regret them later! I also squirm over overly gooey posts about spouses. If you really love your spouse, tell him or her, not the whole of cyberspace. An occasional mention of something nice done by a spouse is okay.
5. Sex. No doubt. The rest of my life is pretty much an open book. I wouldn't use offensive language, but I'm always interested in how couples relate to each other. Isn't everyone?

cannwin said...

I have gotten creepy comments before. Not so much rude but just plain creepo.

One time I got an anonymous one where the person told me how wonderful I was and that they remembered driving up to my house when we were teenagers. They described it so well that they had to have known me and all I kept thinking was.... seriously? Go away!

I deleted that one.

~Kristina said...

1. no
2. not really but this is more because i'm finally digging deep into what my religion means to me. politics just bug me though the dynamics fascinate me.
3.one, by an anonymous person. i deleted it. they came back and left another one. i guess it was important enough to them for me to know what they anonymously thought that i left it. the commenter taught me that i don't write for "anonymous", i write for me.
4. i'm not sure what makes me squirm in blog topics.
5. i blog about anything with my big yap.

crissy said...

1. Nope. I've written things that I thought would cause a stir, but (apparently...) I'm not all that controversial.

2. I don't have political opinions. As for religion, I don't really post opinionated stuff about it. The most I've done is made mention of it here and there. Those are 2 things that I don't really bother getting worked up about.

3. No rude comments yet. I'm not sure how I'll handle it if it ever does happen.

4. Good question...I really can't think of a post that has made me squirm, really. Except when you were doing the 12 week seminar, and posted about made our homework about sex. It was all good and clean, of course, but intimate stuff definitely gets me squirmy.
Also, when some mom posts something parenting-wise that I don't agree with, I start to feel riled up. But I usually keeps those feelings to myself. I'm not big on confrontation, even over the internet with a complete stranger.

5. I would probably still post the same things that I post now. I don't know what else I would have to write about.

Hope my input was helpful :)
Wish I were going to be at the cbc, would love to see you speak! Bummer for me. :(

Mrs. Organic said...

Wish I were sitting in to hear this discussion, have a great time.

1. No, but I stir the pot occasionally (like with my vaccine post)

2. Yes on religion, no on politics. For some reason people seem to respect other's religious views but become intolerant when it comes to politics.

3.I haven't had rude comments, but when my son was suffering through his cancer the blog community was very supportive (probably more so than my real community).

4. Intolerance of any kind makes me squirmy. Or posts that smack of judgement. We all have our opinions, but I don't think it's necessary to tear people down when expressing them.

5. If no one knew it was me, I would probably be a lot more open, but since the last thing I want to do is hurt someone, I mostly think over everything I say.

Beck said...

1. I got in trouble once because of this statement: "So, to the two guys on the team who are continually griping to the H about being so vocal about the rules: Just let him do his job." One of the wives (and my good friend) freaked out and posted anonymously, but I knew it was her and eventually we worked things out, but I was surprised that she got so upset about it.

2. I've posted twice about politics, but try to censor myself because I'm VERY opinionated and other's ignorance about politics drives me insane.

3. Not really rude comments, just different opinions, and that's fine. I just wish they weren't always left anonymously, but maybe its for the better because I might try to argue about it far longer than I should.

4. The only thing that I've ever seen that has bothered me was when someone went on a tirade about how no one was commenting on her blog, and when I looked at her posts (almost every single one was simply photos of her kids), I honestly thought, "How many times can we say that your kids are adorable? Grow up."

5. How I really feel. I've been told that I ruffle too many feathers, so I'm usually pretty careful about what gets published vs what is actually written.

Sarah said...

1. No. But I did make Hawaiian Haystacks and got some nasty annonymous comment. I grew from it.
2. I mention my religion, but don't discuss it much. I haven't found a way to tie it into a food blog yet. I don't talk politics because I don't like people telling me that my beliefs are wrong - they are beliefs! Let me feel what i want.
3. Yes, once for making Hawaiian Haystacks. They accused me of being ghetto (for lack of a better word) so I made an even more ghetto recipe to make humor from it! People really reached out and made me feel great.
4. When women tell other women how to be mothers. Homebirths -- I am a L&D nurse and see too many bad results for people to be glamorizing it.
5. probably the same thing I do. I don't really have anything to hide.