Sunday, May 16, 2010


I'm looking at things differently.

I'm a TravelinOma this week. In just eight hours we've torn apart the play room and put it back together again. We've been to a family party, had two sets of snacks, found, lost and found three pairs of shoes, painted toenails and fingernails, and read several stories.

I accidentally set off the burglar alarm, and had to wake Chloe up to turn it off, and I just spent an hour trying to figure out how to set the alarm clock so we'll be up to get dressed, make beds, eat breakfast, practice, comb hair, brush teeth, clean rooms and be on our way to school before 8:00 am. I know this is the routine for most of you, but I'm old and challenged in more than technology.

Luckily I'm seeing my little charges more clearly. They are competent, dependable, helpful, considerate and don't have too high of expectations for their Oma. They're dying to step in and babysit me. Isn't that what this whole relationship bit is all about? I'll take care of you and then you'll take care of me. I've got to make this week all about fun memories for them to draw on when they're pushing me around in my wheelchair on their duty visits to the rest-home. I want them to remember I was once a spunky Oma with ideas popping out for ways to live regular life with a Mary Poppins flavor.

I was going to plan our tomorrows extravaganza with your support as I blogged ideas that would take breath away from kids, moms and Omas everywhere. Unfortunately, I'm already breathless and I haven't got a single idea. The alarm got all my attention and the plan will happen whether I plan it or not. These girls look at things differently, too. They just want to keep the grandmas and grandpas alive and smiling so they can get their prize from Paris. I think we'll work together very well!

Tomorrow we'll discuss it all with my eyes totally opened.


the wrath of khandrea said...

i am concerned that you had to WAKE the granddaughter with a burglar alarm blaring through the house. good luck getting THAT one up for seminary...

Amy said...

With 2 girls of my own, I should have some ideas for you. But I don't. Of course there's nothing like a splash park--but I don't think you have 90 degree weather like we do. One of my girls' favorite places is the Thomas the Train set in Barnes and Noble. we don't usually buy much. We just play and read stories. Of course, having an Oma like you is probably a treat for any child.

Susan Adcox said...

Great post! I am probably going to be doing early morning duty at my daughter's house next week while her husband is out of town. She has to leave around 6:30, and the kids don't catch the bus for an hour or so.

By the way, some grandparents have shared their ideas for Grandma Camp on my website. You might find some inspiration! There are ideas for things to do, as well as some first-person experiences.

Amy said...

Thanks for keeping the girlies safe and happy while Sco and I enjoy Paris! We know they are in good hands (and you are too).

Amy said...
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