Friday, September 18, 2009

School of Thought Seminar: Quiz Time

Final Exam!
What's your school of thought?
(Analyze yourself through your answers.)

Are You A Fascinating Person?

  1. Are you updated on current affairs? Do you follow the latest news?
  2. In a one-one conversation, do you talk more or do you listen more?
  3. Do you like trying out new things like visiting a new restaurant, trying out a new sport, etc?
  4. Do you devote time to your dress and appearance before you go out?
  5. Are there any secrets about you that you haven't shared with even close friends?
  6. Are you game for adventurous stuff?
  7. Do you manage to get introduced to new people in parties and indulge in long conversations?
  8. Are you a well-read person?
  9. Are you a well-traveled person?
  10. Can you make people laugh?

Are you a confident person?

  1. Can you choose a new outfit alone?
  2. You walk into a room full of people. Suddenly you find everybody watching you. Do you become terribly self-conscious?
  3. You reach the airport to find that your flight got canceled in the last minute. What would you do?
  4. You enter a posh restaurant to find everybody else in formal clothes. You are wearing casuals. Would it ruin your evening?
  5. You are at a job interview in a big corporation. Suddenly you find out that the CEO himself is conducting the interview. Do you panic?
  6. You are attending a seminar. Suddenly the speaker wants you to come on the stage to give your views. Will you get jittery?
  7. You are enjoying a party with your new date. Suddenly your ex walks in. What do you do?
  8. Are you afraid of visiting families that have suffered a death?
  9. Would you go and visit a dying person?
  10. If someone embarrassed you in public, you would you react?

Are you a crafty person?

  1. What do you call the art of folding paper?
  2. What is the name of the fabric commonly used for cross stitch?
  3. What is papier-mache?
  4. Is acrylic yarn natural or man-made?
  5. Where does mohair come from?
  6. With which piece of crafting equipment would you use a shuttle?
  7. How many threads are twisted together in a typical skein of embroidery floss?
  8. What do pinking shears do?
  9. Old sewing machines were powered by using your feet. What was the foot pedal called?
  10. Is a Spinning Jenny used for making pots or making yarn?
  11. What is Kumihimo?
  12. Which craft would you be doing if you were making a plant hanger by knotting long lengths of rope?
  13. In which craft would you use the stippling technique?
  14. What are lazy daisy, french knot, stem and blanket?
  15. Which craft tool cuts out a shape from paper or card when you press on it?
  16. What is a highly scented purple/blue flower often used in scented sachets?
  17. What is gutta used for?
  18. What is repoussage?
  19. Is whittling a wood craft or a wool craft?
  20. What do you call the hole in a needle where you push the thread through?
Craft Trivia Answers 01. Origami / 02. Aida / 03. The art of modeling with torn or shredded paper stuck together with glue / 04. Man-made / 05. Angora goats / 06. Weaving loom / 07. (6) / 08. Scissors which cut a zig-zag line / 09. Treadle / 10. Making yarn / 11. The art of Japanese braid making / 12. Macrame / 13. Stenciling / 14. Types of embroidery stitches / 15. Punch / 16. Lavender / 17. Outlining designs on silk for painting / 18. The art of forming a raised impression on metal from the reverse side / 19. Wood craft / 20. Eye

You made it!

(Class Reviews next week.)

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diane said...

According to your quiz I am fascinating and confident and not very crafty.

What an ego boost.

Anonymous said...

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Diane Linford said...

I feel like a fun, fascinating party is coming to an end! Here's my final for today:here
(finally, after 11 weeks I can put in the html code for that without looking at the sticky-note on my monitor)

Amy said...

Congratulations! You have won C.F.H.C.(Chloe's Favorite Halloween Character) Quiz Contest! No prize but a(big) hug from your loving granddaughter!

KJ said...

I am moderately fascinating, somewhat confident, and not the least bit crafty. what a bore am I!

Mrs. Organic said...

This was an interesting quiz, I can see room for improvement. I'm trying to play c atch up this weekend. I'd love to know your answers to this quiz.

audrey said...

It turns out that I'm not particularly fascinating, I'm pretty confident, and fairly crafty.


crissy said...

Finally linking to my final. Sorry I've been late with just about each one. My final.

crissy said...

Also, I posted pictures of the painting that I talked about in my family matters final.

Misty said...

I am not fascinating, only semi-confident, and not very crafty. And now I need a gallon of ice cream.

dalene said...