Monday, January 12, 2009

Swingin with the Sistas

Min in doll coat, Fort Douglas, 1984

♫ Sistas,
There were never
such devoted sistas...♫

Amerheed @ 1986

♫ Caring

Every little thing
that they were wearing...♫

Heed and Min sick for Christmas Eve 1986

♫ All kinds of weather
They stick together
The same in the rain or sun ♫

Easter 1988

♫ A little diff'rent faces
But in tight places
They think and they act as one.♬

Min and Gab 2006

♬ Those who've
Seen us
Know that not a thing
could come between us, ♫

Oma at the sista sleepover 2009

♫ Oh help the sista
Who doesn't think I'm one of the sistas, ♬
♫ And cheer for the sistas
Who treat me like I'm just one of them! ♫

I was invited to the Sista Sleepover.
As the mom, I felt totally honored.

We started with hot French bread straight from Heed's oven, went on to Rib City where we sucked the marrow out of the bones, came back for Amy's blond chocolate chippers, Min's muddy-buddies, sparkling cider, and non-stop chatter. We didn't come anywhere close to saying all we had to say. A little after midnight Heed taught us the:

iPod Game.
Everyone puts their iPod, or shuffle or whatever into the middle. You keep your own earphones.
Then you all play a short round of a card game--we played golf. The loser of the hand has to pick someone else's iPod, plug in the earphones, and fast-forward until they hit a song they know. Then they sing along.

Ame's the Dame

The singer hears the music blasting in her ears, forgets that it's silent outside her head, and starts swaying and snapping to the beat. Eyes closed, head thrown back, the performer mumbles a bunch of unintelligible words to a strange hybrid tune, picturing that she's Celine Dion, (or Cheryl Crow, or all of the Dixie Chicks...maybe singing backup to ABBA)

She can't hear you laughing, and the act goes on just long enough to prove she's as loopy as you've always suspected. Then you tap her on the shoulder, bring her out of her reverie and repeat the activity until everyone is properly humiliated.

(This is Gab at last year's Sista Sleepover)

It's a great way to get your heart rate up, just before you move on to the hot chocolate with whipping cream, and the kind of heart-to-heart discussions sistas start at 2:am.

At 5:am, Min's baby woke up for the day, and the rest of us left his new mom to enjoy morning friends while we got in a few winks before Heidi woke us. She served up a bed and breakfast style spread, with baked French toast and berries (similar to bread pudding) accompanied by baked sausage and bacon sprinkled in brown sugar.

Then Heidi gave us little favors, and there were hugs and promises for future fun. It was a huge dose of love and laughter, mixed with therapy, the performing arts, games and food. Better than a day at the spa: I'm restored, revitalized, refreshed and reminded that I can't resist the sistas!

What do you do for a girl's night out? Or a guy's night out? What do you talk about? Do you play games? Share.


gab said...

Sniffle. Sniffle. Sniff.

Christie said...

I'm suddenly kind of glad I only had brothers...

Bev said...

my sista and I are just beginning (now we're in our 50s!) how to be friends. Since I'm moved closer, we have a crafting weekend each spring where we work on projects, chatter and have great food

(and I LOVE that song --- especially the version from White Christmas where Danny Kaye and Bing Crosby sing it!!)

Kay Dennison said...

Cute!!!!!!!!!! Glad y'all had fun!

kenju said...

Wonderful photos! Your posts just get better and better, Marty. I've popped over to IE so I can comment today. I've discovered six blogs that I have to do this with (darn Foxfire!!)

marta said...

hooray oma. 'oh what a night!' am glad you are so brave to put your nightie on display. good thing everything you own is CUTE.

i'm kelly said...

looks like you guys had a great time!