Sunday, January 25, 2009

Grandchildren (The reward for not killing our kids.)

This is the group of Heroes who have saved the day for us . . .all week long.

There was Kidspeak that made me smile. Playing Scattergories, the catagory was "Things to save up for" and the letter was "F."
Lauren (9) said: Foothair removal.

The category was "Things to be afraid of" and the letter was "N."
Lauren said: Newspaper reporters.
Katy (11): Lauren, who's afraid of newspaper reporters?
Lauren: Well, that would be . . . Me!

Emptying the dishwasher I said I needed help because I didn't "know this place."
"Will(6) said: Well, I know this place like a pig knows it's muck."

Everyone was starving at 7 am, 10 am, again at 11:30 am, and they were visibly wilting in front of me with thirst and starvation at 3:30 pm, after a trip to the kids museum. "Can we stop at McDonalds?" they whimpered in true famished form. Luckily for me, we passed a Diner with decent hamburgers and malts, and I quickly parked the car before they withered on the floor.

Starvation is a fickle thing. One limpid pickle can inspire: "I ate my pickle. I'm not hungry anymore. I'm done." Their energy level soared after just a sip of malt. They were finished before I had even asked for the ketchup! But they politely waited for me to inhale my meal . . . "Oma's swallowing fast, Will . . . Relax . . . .Jake . . . quit dropping the crayons . . . We'll be going soon . . . Just wait by the door." Apparently we weren't there for the dining experience.

Home an hour later, it was time for "bedtime snacks." The cocoa and cinnamon toast had become the stuff of legends; we'd swooned over the thought since my first promise the night before.

"Is it true we just get cocoa and cinnamon toast and nothing healthy?" Will asked in rapture. Katy suggested in her mother's voice, "Maybe we should have apple slices and carrots, too." That was solidly voted down. I explained it was a snack, and we didn't need to cover the food groups. Having been a kid (until her mom left her in the care of an obviously irresponsible Oma,)it was easy for her to slip back into the role and sup on mere sugar and chocolate. It reminded me of the saying, "Oma is just like mom, with more frosting."

It's a delight to hang out with people who adore you. Every adult, abused by responsibility, worry, expectations, and invisibility needs a grandchild.

Ruth Goode said, "The best thing about grandchildren is that they accept us, for ourselves, without rebuke or effort to change us. No one in our entire lives has been so loving: not our parents, siblings, spouses, friends,and especially not our own grown children." They say genes skip a generation. Maybe that's why we find our grandkids so absolutely adorable! They take after us!

So, good-bye to our CO Heroes. You've risen to the challenge of caring for the Opi's. We'll have some cocoa and toast in your honor tonight!

My challenge to you my readers: Think of a kid you love, (or a grandparent if you are a kid,) talk directly to them and tell them a couple of their great qualities (this could be a phone call) for no reason. Just be a voice of encouragement. Don't sit around and wait for it to happen to you. This is an assignment for you to do. It will make your day! (Another of my guarantees.)


TravelinOma said...

Can I just take a moment to express my undying love to my mini Mac computer? "I've missed your dashboard more than I can say, and I now appreciate that you understand my spacing needs. I don't mesh with HTML and with you, Mac, I don't have to. I'm committed to being more appreciative and never get mad or frustrated with you. We make a good team."

Granny Annie said...

I am heading to facebook which is where I can catch all my grandchildren these days and tell each of them why they are G-R-E-A-T! Thanks for the inspiration.

Kay Dennison said...

Sigh. I can't do that. I'll just leave it at that and go cry for a while.

gab said...

Glad you survived! Cute cute cute!

kenju said...

Beautiful children, Marty.

Christie said...

It makes me want to go somewhere so my kids can have a week of sugar toast and cocoa with Oma.

Polly said...

glad you survived! sounds like you had fun. I think i'll go home and have cocoa and toast. the little one looks just like Micah did when he was little.

Sheri said...

AMEN to: "It's a delight to hang out with people who adore you. Every adult, abused by responsibility, worry, expectations, and invisibility needs a grandchild." Unfortunately, I don't have a grandchild to give me adoration!

Jenibelle said...

I can not WAIT to be a Grammy. Seriously, I know they need to get stable etc...but I am chomping at the bit.

Yum to cinnamon toast.