Thursday, January 1, 2009

Blog Mission Statement 2009

I am a woman with influence, and I want my influence to be for good. I will bear testimony of Gospel Truths to guide, teach, encourage and support others. My blog will be a legacy and memoir of significant experiences, told with humor and hope. I will not cast my pearls before swine, but I will let my light shine.

I will:
Encourage and support young mothers.
Be an advocate for strong, loving families.
Pray for the Spirit to accompany each post.
Pray for readers who need to read what I’m writing.
Write and update ten pillar posts for my sidebar to tell readers where to find more.
Discern beauty in the dailiness of living.
Exemplify a woman of God.
Reflect righteousness and articulateness.
Be distinctive and different in happy ways.
Lead others to Jesus Christ.

1 comment:

marta said...

your mission statement is so great because i see that you really do follow through. you are an example to us, buoy us up, cheer us on and inspire us daily. don't ever give up on your artform of writing.