Friday, January 16, 2009

Bike Lesson

Illustration by Norman Rockwell

At first people refuse to believe that a new thing can be done.
Then they begin to hope it can be done.
Then they see it can be done--
And then it is done.

What new thing are you doing right now?


Kay Dennison said...

Something relatively new -- I'm working on getting all my books entered at Library Thing. I didn't realize how many books I have (and just bough two more today!)!!!!!!!!

Sheri said...

I'm starting a new blog. Come see me.

Sheri said...

Sorry, it should be:

moon said...

I am hoping to start an online referal business for ppl who need help getting out of dept or need help with morgage problems. Will be on my blog when its up and running. With the economy as it is....many ppl will need all the help they can get.
Happy New Year to you!!

Polly said...

I've been redoing my blog..I've changed it a couple of times in the last few days, but I think I'm finished. It's fun taking the tutorials they have online.

allison said...

I going to rearrange my apartment and hope for more new beginnings.