Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Story Telling

My kids always used to ask me to tell them a story. Just about the time I'd perfected my story telling repertoire they stopped asking. And soon after that they started interrupting with "You told us that, mom." And then the eye rolling started and they informed me they could tell my stories in 25 words or less, with just a word or two for a clue.

So I started telling my stories to strangers in the check out line at the pharmacy, and just after their eyes rolled, they glazed over. (They must have been pretty sick.) My kids finally directed me towards blog land where I can tell my stories to my heart's content and I don't even feel it when I'm clicked off. Dave Letterman was introduced last night as "A man who is his own imaginary friend." Hmmm....is that a definition of my blog???

ANYWAY!! There's a wonderful storytelling place where people actually ASK for my stories! Then they are sent on to fabulously brilliant readers who appreciate them. I write my stories at 2:am so even my eyes are rolling and glazed over, but the people there don't make fun (to my face) and they can't even begin to tell my stories in 25-words-or-less. (I love these people...)

If you want to be one of the sought after storytellers, look at the rules to see if you qualify (when you click over to read my story today.)

Check out Ronni's Elder Story Telling Place for my newest published work! Thanks Ronni!
Send in your own. It's easy. Just read the instructions. (That glazed over look you get in the pharmacy line might not be because they're glaucoma patients.)


sandukus said...

schade, dass ich nicht so gut
englisch lesen u. sprechen kann
bye from germany

cesnh said...

I read your story this morning, made me smile. So then I found your blog and I'll be back! Both are great, thanks for writing. And no, my eyes are not glazed over!

Stie said...

I love your stories, too! I've not heard them for as many years as everyone else - keep them coming!

kenju said...

I, too, read your story this morning. Tonight, we I was preparing to come upstairs to the computer, I tore off today's date on the calendar - and read it for the first time. It made me instantly think of your post and my comment:

"Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you've imagined." (Thoreau)