Friday, June 15, 2007

The Peanut Gallery

Back when I was hanging out with Dick and Jane and Sally, I was part of the Peanut Gallery. Every Saturday morning we ran into the TV room and watched the test pattern until Howdy Dowdy came on. (Buffalo Bob named his audience after the vaudeville audiences who sat in the cheap seats and ate peanuts, throwing the shells at the actors.) Mighty Mouse was next, followed by Huckleberry Hound and Fury. Circus Boy and Sky King were part of the lineup, too.
Were you in the Peanut Gallery? The news about Mr. Wizard has triggered my TV memory. If you can remember these shows, or answer the question, give yourself a point. (Get a point for watching any of the six shows listed above.) I'll throw in a few gimmes for my younger readers, too.
  1. The Millionaire (the one where a person received an anonymous check)
  2. I Married Joan
  3. Who was Rowdy Yates?
  4. Paladin
  5. December Bride
  6. There's Maris (Frazier), and Vera (Cheers), but who was the December Bride wife we never saw?
  7. Who stomped grapes with Ethel?
  8. The Shari Lewis Show
  9. Superman (Black and white TV version)
  10. Lassie
  11. Oh, Susanna
  12. Where did Oh, Susanna take place?
  13. What was Susanna's best friend's name?
  14. The Alfred Hitchcock Show
  15. Who was Bret Maverick's twin?
  16. What show featured Hoss?
  17. What was the sheriff's name on Rifleman?
  18. American Bandstand
  19. Queen For a Day
  20. What was the best part of The Art Linkletter Show?
  21. Beat the Clock
  22. Truth or Consequences
  23. Which show had Eddie Haskel?
  24. Which show featured Maynard?
  25. As the World Turns (live)
  26. How I Married My Wife
  27. Who was Cubby?
  28. What show was Moochie on?
  29. Who was Darla?
  30. Streets of San Francisco
  31. Perry Mason (black and white version)
  32. What instrument did Lawrence Welk play?
  33. The Hit Parade
  34. Who was Uncle Tanoose?
  35. What teenage heart-throb sang at the end of what show?
  36. Have Gun Will Travel
  37. Phil Donahue
  38. What was Donna Reed's husband?
  39. The Red Skelton Show
  40. The Dinah Shore Show
  41. Jack Paar on The Tonight Show
  42. The Flying Nun
  43. Who played twins?
  44. What show featured Clarabelle?
If you need to check an answer, they're listed below. There's a possible 50. If you got 40 or more, you can be in the Peanut Gallery!
3: Rowdy=Clint Eastwood
6: Gladys was the wife we never saw
7: Lucy stomped grapes
12: Oh, Susannah was on a ship
13: Olive was Susannah's friend
15: Bart was Bret's twin
16: Hoss was on Bonanza
17: Micah was the sheriff
20: Art Linkletter had the kids
23: Eddie Haskell was on Leave it to Beaver
24: Maynard was on Dobie Gillis
27: Cubby was a Mouseketeer
28: Moochie was on Mickey Mouse Club
29: Darla was a Little Rascal
32: Lawrence Welk played the accordion
34: Uncle Tanoose was Danny William's (aka Danny Thomas) uncle
35: Ricky Nelson sang at the end of Ozzie and Harriet
38: Donna Reed's husband was a pediatrician
43: Patty Duke played twins
44: Clarabelle was the clown on Howdy Dowdy

Do you have any to add?


ell said...

I just missed being in your Peanut Gallery. I got 39! I haven't thought about some of those shows in years.

Love your 'Dick and Jane' pictures. I remember Sally and Spot, too. But what was the name of the cat?

p.s. Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a note.

cesnh said...

That was fun! Thanks!

kenju said...

I'm not completely sure - but I think I knew everything except who was Rowdy Yates.

Gramafolly said...

I got about 15 of those..I could remember about alot but couldn't place them. Fun to remember the old days when we all sat around the same TV watching Bonanza. I don't think there was any fighting, cause there were only 3 channels, and nothing else was on.

MissKris said...

Well, I got 39 but I'm going to claim 40 because the actress who played Susanna's best friend was played by Zasu Pitts, ha! THAT I rememembered...Tallulah Bankhead is another name that's stuck with me forever. Anyway...tried to get an email thru again but it didn't work. Is there maybe a"." between your first name and last name that didn't get included?? I never, ever have email troubles with your server, so I'm stumped! I LOVED this post...sure brought back some good memories. I was just a wee bit too young to have a clear memory of Howdy Doody, tho I remember seeing Buffalo Bob on later TV shows 'reminiscing' about it. Enjoy your weekend! We're heading out for a poolside graduation barbecue for one of Dear Hubby's nephews...and it's pouring rain right now - YIKES!

MissKris said...

Just saw Ell's comment...wasn't the cat named Puff???

Joy Des Jardins said...

Save me a seat....I got 42. Wow...there were some great shows in that list.

I have one Marty....

"Who played Clarabelle the Clown on The Howdy Doody Show?"

Hint: He became a household word with his own show some years later.

Betty said...

I got 45. Does that mean I'm old?

theriddle said...

Hello Traveling Oma! I think I score pretty low on your test but My name is Joan and I'm getting married in 13 days. (I'm about to start counting the hours) Your blog taught me about the show I married Joan and I think I'll check out an episode some time. Thanks for blogging!

theriddle said...

Pete and Anna, of course I know them! What a small blogging world this is! That reminds me I need to make sure I sent them an invitation! Thanks again!

Kristen said...

Fun post! Although I think I've been around long enough, I only scored 11 - part of the problem may be that I grew up in a mountainous part of Wyoming where we only got three channels on our little TV!
I have a fun memory of Lawrence Welk: my three sisters and I would all take our Saturday night baths, get in our nighties, wrap our wet heads in towel turbans, and hurry to the living room to watch Lawrence Welk and co. before bedtime. Wasn't life so simple then?

rp said...

Does watching the reruns count? :)