Friday, June 29, 2007

I Saw That!

OK, so I was eight months pregnant. I had on a darling green mini-dress (what was I thinking???) that I had made myself. I had embroidered little flowers all over it. I was wearing nylons, held up by a garter belt (no panty hose in those days!) which slipped down and sat under my belly. I was walking home from work and I could feel it falling lower and lower.

Just then my neighbor passed me in his truck, and pulled over to offer me a ride home. I climbed up into the truck and by the time I had arranged myself in the seat, I could see that the tops of my nylons were touching my knees. I had no idea where the garter belt had positioned itself. When we arrived at my door, I had to scoot over and then climb down. I could see the bagginess below the knees. I turned to say thanks and watched his eyes take in the sight, before I rushed inside to look in the mirror.

My dress ended at mid-thigh, my garter belt was showing just below, and my nylons were in a puddle around my calves. Just think about that when you're having a bad day!


kenju said...

I needed a good laugh to wake me up, and you gave it to me! LOLOLOL

You remind me of the time when I was 12-13, I wanted a hoop skirt (for some odd reason). My mom wouldn't let me have a big crinoline, so I sewed a pocket in a half slip and used metal clothesline to make a hoop. I went home at lunch time (when mom was gone) and put it in my slip. Not only could I not sit in it without showing the world my underwear, it was so heavy that it fell down everyime I let go of it.

Kristen said...

BOTH of these stories make me giggle. My similar memory was in 3rd grade and fishnet stockings were the rage. I wore my older sister's garter belt and stockings to school one day, but couldn't figure out how to securely close the snap parts over the stockings. During recess I climbed to the top of the slippery slide and wouldn't come down until I thought I'd figured it out - but nope, the fishnets kept sliding down all day long, which makes for a miserable day - but maybe not as funny as yours!

Joy Des Jardins said...

Okay, you get the "please make me invisible" prize Marty. Heeeee, heee...and you lived to tell about it.

Nancy said...


I was a realtor for many years and your story has triggered a memory I thought I had successfully forgotten forever. I guess not.

I was working an open house at a new construction site that was unfamiliar to me. I was all dressed up but the panty hose I was wearing were a size or two too small .Every few minutes I had to go to the Powder room and pull them up. The builders were there and thought I had a bladder problem or something. On top of that, I could never remember the builder's name.This did not please them so they really started watching me very closely and listening to my every word.. Someone would come in and I would show them around and as we walked from room to room the panty hose would go lower and lower and I would be almost doubled over trying to keep them up and the last straw was."And who are the builder's?" With one hand I would be gripping the top of the panty hose and with the other I was desperately trying to find the names of the builders on the papers I had. All the while the pair of builders would be listening for my answer and then they couldn't stand it another minute and they would shout out their names.The day was a disaster for all concerned.

It never occurred to me to take the pantyhose off because you HAD to wear hosiery in those days. Now I go to weddings and no one is wearing stockings, not even the bride!