Wednesday, February 21, 2007

If I get to Heaven

Austria 2008

♫ Oh you can't go to Heaven on roller skates, you'll roll right past those pearly gates...♫

Heaven sounded fun then when I was a sang this song in my grandma's backyard. We made up verses about everything and everyone we loved, and we were all going In my teen years I started picturing Heaven boring, with really old "Holier-than-thou" types of people just reading scriptures all day and whispering a lot.

As I've gotten older it's occurred to me that Heaven will be full of the most awesome people that ever lived! Everyone will be learning forever, and people won't be sick or depressed or poor, so there will be enthusiasm and happiness, and laughter. Minds will be expanded and all the scientific theories will be understood and put to use in the most positive ways.

I have great hopes for Heaven. One of the things I want to do is travel through time. I'm picturing a library/theater where we check out very high tech DVDs that offer virtual reality. When we watch one, we can actually be in the action, as an observer, and visit and experience times and places we've read about.

Another heavenly dream is that we'll have opportunities to develop new talents. I'm planning on singing in choirs and hootenannies (you might not remember them, but they're fun), and Barbershop Quartets, and performing onstage with John Denver. There will be all kinds of great music there: Dixieland Jazz, Handel's Messiah, Broadway, Beethoven, and camp songs with Sue Petty. I'm going to take lessons on the mandolin, the guitar, the banjo, and the balalaika. And I hope to team up with great musicians and write lyrics. There will be teachers of every kind and level available who will be supportive and encouraging.

I want to attend seminars taught by great leaders and teachers sharing their wisdom and experience. For their encores I want them to repeat their famous mortal teachings, in one of the virtual reality ways, so I can experience it as it was. I want to stand in the rain and hear the Gettysburg Address, sit in front of the radio and hear Winston Churchill say "We'll fight on the beaches..." I want to watch and listen as Jesus blesses the little children, and they're encircled by angels.

Heavenly Father is the ultimate artist. Look around at His creations! He created the original landscapes, seascapes, color combinations, textures, balance. Won't it be awesome to study in depth and learn techniques of design in such an atmosphere?

I'm sure every interest and subject will be available to explore and enjoy. Heaven will be perfected life and it will last forever!
"If you get to heaven before I do, Just drill a little hole, and pull me through!"

These are a few things I'm anticipating. What sounds heavenly to you?


mama jo said...

"if you get there, before i do..just drill a little hole, and pull me through"...i want to go to your sounds wonderful..and what travel that would be! when i think of's mostly people...and since they are there, that's where i want to be...but, if we can add all of your great activites...what fun...of've got to add a few golf courses...

Stie said...

I want to be a broadway star. I want to sing like Edina Menzel, center stage (maybe not painted green) but just belting my heart out and sounding fantastic. That, combined with eating whatever I want and never gaining a pound, would truly be heaven to me.